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Hottest Summer Promotional Products

Hottest Summer Promotional ProductsApril showers have come and gone, May flowers are blossoming, and summer is just around the corner. Now is the time to plan your promotional marketing programs to integrate essential products for the season. Since utility is the best way to ensure your promotional items are being used and gaining your brand exposure, its important to switch up your promotional marketing campaign whenever theres a major change in the weather. Just like window scrapers and comfy sweatshirts make brilliant promotional items in the winter, clip-on sunscreen bottles and tank tops are a sure thing in the summertime. These summer staples make excellent promotional products with their natural convenience and bright appearances. Beach towels: What better way to showcase your logos bright colors than having them printed or embroidered on a vibrant beach towel? A necessary addition to picnics or the pool, towels make excellent giveaways that are sure to get plenty of notice. Koozies: Everyone appreciates being able to enjoy a cool drink comfortably. Every warm weather guest needs a koozie, and every koozie is expected to come printed with a clever slogan or imagery which could be representing your company. Sunglasses: A must-have at the beach, BBQs, or driving in the summer sun, sunglasses make great giveaways. As a practical item, theyre likely to be kept around for a while. Every person that talks to someone wearing your promotional sunglasses is going to be staring at your brand name. Fold-out Beach Chairs: perfect for outdoor concerts, festivals and camping, a fold-out chair will be carried around at events where it can be seen by hundreds of people. The practical nature of a chair ensures that even if it does get discarded at some point, it will be given away and your brand message will live on, colorfully emblazoned on nylon. Other great ideas:

  • Sun protection! Beach umbrellas, visors, bucket hats or sunscreen. Protecting yourself from the sun is something everyone knows they should do but always could do better. Pass out SPF lip balm at an event, and your product will be well-received and appreciated because everyone can use it.
  • Fun-in-the-sun items like giant beach balls or Frisbees associates your brand associated with good times.
  • Encourage your customers to stay hydrated with reusable water bottlers and branded coolers for their numerous outdoor activities.

Too many options? Dont worry. Each EmbroidMe Resource Center is staffed with promotional marketing experts who can help you find the best summer giveaways for your company or organization.