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Honor Your Superhero in Scrubs this National Nurses Week

Our Top 4 Gifts to Honor Your Superhero in Scrubs

National Nurses Week, May 6th to the 12th, is all about celebrating and honoring the vital work that nurses do in the health care industry. It also highlights the diverse ways in which nurses work to improve health care. This year’s theme for National Nurses Week is “Nurses: Inspire, Innovate, Influence.” It’s important to express appreciation to nurses for their exemplary work day-in and day-out. Here are the top four gifts we believe any nurse would love to receive.

Gourmet Coffee or Tea Gift Basket

What nurse couldn’t use a jolt of caffeine to keep them going during those long work shifts? A gourmet coffee or tea gift basket complete with insulated travel mugs is sure to help them power through those long days and nights. The beverages may be consumed quickly, but the branded travel mugs will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

coffee basket

Relaxation Tools

Help the nurses in your life recharge after a long shift by gifting customized lotions, scented candles or essential oils. A hot or cold gel eye mask will help relieve pain and tension under the eyes and in the forehead. These gifts will allow them to unwind during nurses week and gear up again to continue working in their critical roles.

eye mask

Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Alexa

After a stressful shift, let the nurses in your life unwind by listening to their favorite music on a Bluetooth speaker with Amazon Alexa. They might even want to dance their stress away, like the characters in Grey’s Anatomy. The integration with Alexa will also be helpful for setting reminders to alert them of important dates, meetings or events.

Grey's Anatomy Dancing

New Workwear

A fresh and new set of scrubs for Nurses Week will show your appreciation and support for the team. Be sure to choose a quality material that will enable them complete their duties in comfort. Custom embroidery of their names or departments will add an extra touch.


Show Your Appreciation this Nurses Week with the Help of EmbroidMe

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