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Holiday Greeting Cards-Get Organized

christmas-holiday-greeting-cards_imageWouldn't you like to have a guide to keep you one step ahead of your holiday to-dos? Well then before Halloween is even over---most people start to feel the stress of the holidays coming their way! The most important thing to remember is to START NOW with getting yourself organized and then you will feel more relieved once December rolls along. Don't let it sneak up on you! For the Week of Oct. 31: Start designing/ordering your holiday cards and organize your addresses. The last thing you want is for Black Friday to come along and then you catch yourself struggling to order and get your holiday cards together. Take even a few minutes of your time this week to pick out your cards, get your photos in order--which means yes you need to start getting your family together this weekend for those lovely family photo shoots we all love so much. Also, if you haven't already done so prepare the list of contacts who you want to receive a holiday card this year. If you decide to use something like a digital contact manager such as Outlook or Mac's Address Book for instance, you can create a group titled "holiday card" and drag/drop contacts from your master list to that group. In Outlook, you can even create a new "holiday card" category for contacts and then go through each contact and assign them to that category. These are just a few tips and reminders to start getting your holiday greeting cards together as soon as possible! EmbroidMe has a great vendor for Holiday Greeting Cards and we will be sending out more information shortly so you can start ordering these great deals to get ahead of the game!!!