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Get Into the Swing of National Tennis Month with EmbroidMe

West Palm Beach, FL - February 19, 2015 Since 1881, the US Tennis Association (USTA) has been dedicated to developing and growing the game of tennis. A sport that's fun for the entire family, tennis promotes good health, sportsmanship and socializing. May is Tennis Month, with the USTA promoting research showing that youth who have early positive experiences in sports are more likely to create a lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle.

The social benefits of tennis include making new friends, enjoying family fun and learning teamwork. Tennis offers health benefits including cardio activity and stronger, more flexible bodies. Psychologically, tennis improves one's sense of discipline, work ethic and reflexes while building integrity and character.

A company can build support of national events like Tennis Month into their marketing efforts by partnering with other supporters in the community. Find out what the city has planned, speak to event organizers and become a sponsor. Engaging your team as volunteers for an event and supplying the event attendees with promotional products with your business logo will garner lasting recognition from the tennis community.

Tennis apparel and accessories offer a myriad of opportunities to promote a business while supporting the health benefits of this popular sport. A corporate logo placed tastefully on tennis shirts or shorts, socks, caps or visors connects a business to the game. Wristbands, headbands, water bottles, gear bags and towels can be cost-effective ways to show support, all the while promoting the company brand.

"National Tennis Month provides a perfect avenue to support community fitness," said an Embroidme Representative. "Local health clubs, city recreation departments and residential communities partner with proactive businesses to offer promotional products to their members."

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