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  • Make Your Company Stand Out with Branded Holiday Displays

    To take your brand success to new heights, think big and be creative. There are many ways to make your brand stand out, including several creative ways to add your company into branded holiday displays. Plan early so that you have all the resources and supplies you need to be ready this holiday season. Continue reading

  • Winners of Fully Promoted / EmbroidMe’s Holiday Contest

    Congratulations to the winners of Fully Promoted / EmbroidMe’s Holiday Contest

    Holidays are a time for giving back to those that made an impact on your business, company, or brand. Many show employees and customers they care with corporate gifts such as branded promotional items or apparel. This year, EmbroidMe / Fully Promoted franchisees wanted to thank their loyal customers with a holiday giveaway. Continue reading

  • Choosing promotional items for your company

    With So Many Options, Where Do You Begin?

    When choosing promotional items for your company, it Is easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the options available. Knowing where to start can help you make the best decisions for your brand. When promoting your company, think about what kinds of products and accessories your prospective customers might need. No matter the industry, Fully Promoted / EmbroidMe will have you covered when shopping for promotional items. Continue reading

  • Custom Apparel and Promotional Items for the Medical Field

    Plain blue scrubs are a things of the past. Have your doctors, nurses and medical staff dress in high-quality apparel with custom embroidery. Fully Promoted / EmbroidMe can provide personalized white coats, scrubs and polos to make your staff comfortable and professional. Set expectations high and your staff apart from the rest, with uniforms that make a statement.  Continue reading

  • 2019 Promotional Marketing Calendar: What to Order When

    Don’t get caught paying more than you should, plan ahead to save money on your promotional items this year. Planning just a few months ahead for each season can save you hundreds of dollars. The 2019 promotional marketing calendar provides a few tips to help you schedule your order this year. Continue reading

  • Fun Promotional Giveaways for your New Year’s Eve Party

    Bring the Swag

    Everyone loves a party but there is nothing like the excitement of a New Year’s Eve party!  Have your business bring the swag to the party by having a promotional giveaway. A promotional giveaway is a great marketing strategy for any business to gain potential leads and gain brand awareness. Continue reading

  • Dress Your Team for Success

    Identify Your Brand

    Custom uniforms can be a great tool for building your brand’s identity both in-house and on the streets. Equipping your team with customized clothing can improve your employees’ morale by including them in your message and also making it easier for them to dress for success. With the ever-escalating importance being placed on knowing exactly with whom we do our business, you need to be sure to broadcast your brand and put a face to every name. By having a uniform with your logo on it, you’ll be increasing the visibility and recognition of your business. Continue reading

  • Custom Workout Gear From Fully Promoted

    Custom Workout Gear for Motivation

    What better way to motivate your students and employees to get in shape than with custom workout gear designed just for them. Fully Promoted / EmbroidMe offers a great selection of workout gear including apparel, bags, sweatbands, free weights, and other equipment to get them excited about getting fit. With something for everyone, this is an awesome way to make a lasting impression with your brand. Continue reading

  • Show Off Promotional Items at Your Custom Holiday Party

    Custom Holiday Party

    Welcome your friends, employees and customers to your custom holiday party this year with Fully Promoted / EmbroidMe items. Hang a large banner to show off your logo and display your holiday message. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Embrace a theme and find products that match– all customized with your company logo. For example, it could be fun for a company in a sunny part of the world to have Christmas beach balls along with branded beach tote bags on display. All these items can double as décor as well as promotional giveaways. Continue reading

  • Get a Jump Start on Ordering Custom Food Products for the Holidays

    Promote Your Brand with Festive Food

    With the holidays just around the corner, now is the time to get prepared. Order festive custom food products now for your company and customers to keep your brand in season. Holiday food products are a favorite around the office every year, and can even be sent to your top vendors or customers as a thank you gift for the year! Continue reading

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