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  • New EmbroidMe Franchise Opens in Hilo

    HILO, HI (September, 2011) – EmbroidMe, the world’s largest embroidery franchise, announces a new store at 507 E. Lanikaula Street under the ownership of local resident’s Michelle and Layne Oki. With nearly 400 retail locations, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen-printing for apparel, as well as promotional products and gifts to both the private and commercial segments of the business community.

    For more information on EmbroidMe in Hilo, contact Michelle at 808-934-0011. For franchising information, please call (800)727-6720 or visit

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  • Denver EmbroidMe, Joins The McDonald Hyundai Hope Foundation To Help Fight Pediatric Cancer


    LITTLETON, CO, September 14, 2011 -- EmbroidMe Denver South has teamed up with the McDonald Hyundai Hope Charity Golf Tournament at the Blackstone Country Club in Aurora, Colorado to help fight pediatric cancer and benefit the Children's Hospital.

    EmbroidMe is the largest full-service embroidery company in the world with over 300 stores in 14 countries. They offer embroidery for print or screen products fully customizable for any company and logo. And since Embroider Me is a local business, they have made a name for themselves due to their fast turnaround and low shipping rates as well as their personalized service. It's no wonder Entrepreneur Magazine has named them the number one Embroidery Franchise for six years running!

    Inspired by the efforts of the Hyundai Hope On Wheels campaign that raises money nationwide for children's hospitals, McDonald Hyundai has decided to take their efforts one step further to create the McDonald Hyundai Hope Foundation. Hyundai Hope On Wheels has been dedicated to supporting pediatric cancer centers in children's hospital since 1998 and continues to grow their efforts every year.

    In support of this cause, McDonald Hyundai is holding this golf tournament on September 19. The tournament will start as a four person scramble format and each golfer that enters will enjoy 18 holes of golf with complimentary tee-bag, range balls, and an awards banquet/dinner. There are five different levels of sponsorship for the event and all proceeds will go benefit the McDonald Hyundai Hope Foundation and the Children's Hospital of Denver. McDonald Hyundai is proud to have the support and sponsorship of EmbroidMe for their initiative to raise funds for this important cause. For more information about EmbroidMe please visit For more information about the McDonald Hyundai Charity Golf Tournament, sponsorship, or the McDonald Hyundai Hope Foundation please visit or contact the McDonald Hyundai Colorado dealer at (720)279-8202. To hear some words from the tournament's ambassador, Addison Kleinhans, please visit

    About EmbroidMe:

    EmbroidMe is the largest full-service embroidery company in the world with over 300 stores in 14 countries and ranked as the #1 Embroidery Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine six years in a row! "We're local but we're large" - You can leverage the buying power of a large franchise organization while benefiting from our local, personalized service. We can embroider or screen print products locally allowing for lower shipping costs, faster turnaround and more responsive service. We can customize many of the Name Brands you have grown to trust. We can design an item with YOUR Logo using our Advanced Virtual Sample Technology. We have over 750,000 items online for your promotional products. We do more than just embroider.... We are your promotional solution provider for your company!

    About McDonald Automotive Group:

    The McDonald family has been selling and servicing vehicles from the Littleton locations since 1965. Today, with three sons by his side, Douglas McDonald and his family own and operate some of the largest and fastest growing dealerships in the United States. In addition, Douglas McDonald has served as chairman, vice-chairman and district director for the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association and chairman of the National Volkswagen Dealer Council. In 1991, Time Magazine, in cooperation with the National Automobile Dealers Association, honored him with the Quality Dealer Award. McDonald Automotive Group shares their success with the community by supporting many charities and clubs, including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Hyundai Hope On Wheels. (

  • United Franchise Group Foundation Pledges Support

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – (Jan. 15, 2010) – United Franchise Group (UFG) (, developer of award-winning business-to-business brands and franchise programs, is gathering funds from its thousands of franchisees to contribute to the Haiti earthquake relief effort through the UFG Foundation.

    “In light of the severe devastation in Haiti, the UFG Foundation is calling on all members of the UFG family to donate what they can to support the relief effort,” says Ray Titus, CEO of UFG. “With the strength of our thousand stores in the United States alone, we hope to collect enough funds to make a real difference for those in need in Haiti.”

    Donations received by the UFG Foundation will be contributed to the American Red Cross’ Haiti Relief and Development Fund.

    The UFG Foundation was created by Titus in 2006 to provide educational and medical help for children to improve their opportunities for a better life.

    For more information about United Franchise Group and the UFG Foundation, please visit More information about the American Red Cross’ Haiti Relief and Development Fund is available at

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  • Helping Business in Recovering Times, Embroidme Sets Your Company Apart

    WEST PALM BEACH, FL — EmbroidMe, the world's largest embroidery and screen printing franchise, offers cost-effective promotional options to businesses great and small, helping them promote their business during these times of economic recovery. EmbroidMe has over 800,000 promotional products that are perfect for helping businesses build their brand and make lasting impressions.

    As the economy continues recovering, it will be imperative that progressive companies seize the opportunity to get their brand in front of the buying public and present a strong, powerful image. A study by the Advertising Specialty Institute shows that 84% of respondents remembered the company after receiving a promotional item and 42% had a more favorable impression as a result. A full 75% kept their items for more than six months. EmbroidMe can help businesses make lasting impressions by providing potential customers promotional products that make an impact.

    Whether used as gifts or specialty marketing items, EmbroidMe's promotional products are not only great promotions, but people love getting things free they can use. With so many impressions, promotional products stretch advertising budgets over traditional advertising such as radio, newsletters, etc., providing not only a lower cost per impression but also continued exposure. The average cost per impression of an advertising specialty is $0.004, therefore marketers get a more favorable return on investment than nearly any other advertising media. Imprinted totes, for example, are kept an average of nine months or more and while they are being used, produce 1038 impressions per month.

    From pens, to totes, to mouse pads, it's never been easier or more cost-effective to get your company's name out there.

    The EmbroidMe team will work with businesses to determine the best promotional product solution to promote their brand images. And, because EmbroidMe is the largest franchise retailer of promotional products, they have something for everyone at any budget. In addition to a variety of promotional products, EmbroidMe also offers embroidered corporate apparel and personalized gifts to further build visibility and brand awareness.

    About EmbroidMe:

    With hundreds of retail locations worldwide, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen printing for apparel, as well as promotional products and gifts to both the private and commercial segments of the business community. To locate the store nearest you, visit:

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  • New EmbroidMe Franchise Opens In Madrid Spain

    New EmbroidMe Franchise Opens In Madrid Spain

    Madrid, Spain (May 21, 2008) – EmbroidMe, the world’s largest embroidery franchise, has a new store at 4 Ferrer Del Rio, 6, under the ownership of local residents Maria Ines Marino and Ignacio Roca De Togores.

    Before becoming an EmbroidMe franchisee, Maria owned a cosmetic business for three years while Ignacio worked in the wine industry for over 15 years.

    “Discovering EmbroidMe came at a perfect time in my life because I was looking for a new business venture. Partnering with a successful international company such as EmbroidMe was an easy decision” says Maria. Ignacio found it easy to apply the American business philosophy and practices to the Spanish market.

    With hundreds of retail locations worldwide, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen-printing for apparel, as well as promotional products and gifts to both the private and commercial segments of the business community.

    For more information on EmbroidMe in Madrid, contact Ines and Ignacio at (34)91-726-2597. For franchising information, please call (800)727-6720 x1368 or visit

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  • Why Custom Uniforms from Embroidme Are More Than Just Clothes for Work or School

    Uniforms are required for many reasons by companies and schools. Uniforms create a cohesive look and help customers identify workers and students identify their peers. A quality uniform shows that the person wearing it is qualified, ready to work and carries the reputation of the company or the school, literally, on his sleeve. When a company issues a uniform to an employee it is a symbol of trust that says "you are a welcome member of our team." When a student puts on their school uniform it says "I am ready to learn and be a part of this class." There are a variety of reasons why uniforms are more than simply clothes that employees and students wear while working. EmbroidMe, a nationwide specialist in embroidery and screen printing, has defined important reasons why uniforms are more than just clothes for work.

    • Uniforms build awareness as "walking advertisements" for businesses and schools and give those wearing them a professional appearance while they are on-site or out amongst the community.
    • A premium uniform emphasizes a commitment to superior quality.
    • A uniform shows that the employee or student is serious about their business.
    • High-quality company uniforms save people money. They don't have to worry about building a wardrobe or taking the chance of damaging their personal clothes while performing their tasks.
    • They eliminate fashion competitions and the need for unpleasant confrontations about appropriate clothing at school, and even in the workplace.

    There are many compelling reasons to use uniforms, while custom uniforms can be a positive force for companies and schools. Uniforms from EmbroidMe are top-quality, and the large selection and affordability allow a company or school to stay one step ahead of its competition. There are a multitude of styles, fabrics and colors to create the "look and feel" of their company uniform. With more than 800,000 items to choose from, EmbroidMe has a marketing solution for every business, school or organization.

    About EmbroidMe: With hundreds of retail locations worldwide, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen printing for apparel, promotional products and gifts to both the private and commercial segments of the business community. To locate the store nearest you, visit:

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  • How Ray Titus Engages His People to Keep United Franchise Group Growing

    How Ray Titus Engages His People to Keep United Franchise Group Growing

    Ray Titus was 23 when he started his company, and he was committed to outwork and outhustle anyone that stood in his way.

    Life balance was the last thing on his mind as he looked to do whatever it took to get his business off the ground.

    “When you’re young and inexperienced, you don’t have a choice,” Titus says. “You need to outwork everybody else. Once you start to get some experience and start developing your style and who you are, you can balance things a little bit better.”

    Titus co-founded SIGNARAMA in 1986. The company is now part of United Franchise Group, the franchising company Titus also founded and now leads as CEO. With revenue at UFG growing from $336 million in 2005 to $465 million in 2007, Titus has gradually learned how to find that balance in his duties.

    He learned that he can’t have a hand in every action that is taken and every decision that is made in the growing company of 180 corporate employees. You simply have to let go of some things and allow your people to do the jobs that you hired them to do.

    “If I’m making every decision, then I’m always going to be making every decision,” Titus says. “I think most individuals have seeds within themselves that can be pulled out if you’re willing to put the time and effort into them or wait long enough for it to happen. Most people are just too impatient. They either want them to be a star, or they are fired. Life doesn’t work that way. We all need to grow.”

    You need to have faith that you made a good hire and be willing to invest the time to develop the talent that led you to bring this person on board your organization in the first place.

    “Good people like challenges, and they want to be challenged,” Titus says. “They enjoy the challenge as long as it’s done the right way. If they accomplish great things, even beyond what they thought they could accomplish, then they really respect you a lot more for helping them achieve those challenges.”

    Titus’s challenge is to develop the same values and principles throughout his expansive organization. It’s not always easy to do, but having a positive attitude about the task is a good place to start.

    “Be the company’s No. 1 cheerleader,” Titus says. “You have to be able to pump your team up from your sales staff to your vendors right on down the line. With us, it’s franchisees. They are all independent individuals, but you have to get them pumped up, too.”

    Here’s how Titus blends a can-do spirit with a sense of accountability to keep United Franchise Group and his employees moving forward.

    Teach them how to fish

    With a company that has employees spread around the world, it can be difficult to have face-to-face meetings with anyone who is not at your corporate office on a regular basis. Technology does help and Titus tries to arrange as many meetings as possible where he can sit down with his people and go over what’s happening.

    To keep his employees focused on doing what’s best for the company, Titus encourages them to maintain regular contact with their customers.

    “It’s the closeness to your customer, the relationship with your customer, knowing their name and knowing what’s going on in their lives,” Titus says. “If somebody opens up another business and they beat your price, you’re not going to lose a customer you have a relationship with. Having that relationship is very important.”

    Build relationships with customers through regular communication. Talk to them at a convention or get together after a meeting and see what’s on their mind.

    “Speak to the person as you are servicing them,” Titus says. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. ‘What did you like most? What can I do better?’ Get suggestions. We’ve actually included customers and vendors in our strategic planning sessions. They become part of the vision of the future of our company.”

    One of the best times to get feedback from customers is at the time of their first experience with your company.

    “You’ll get great feedback from brand-new customers that will tell you why they purchased from you or why they are coming with you,” Titus says. “There are a lot of salespeople out there that are afraid to ask that question. They sell something, and they are just happy they sold the product or service, and they can’t wait to get back to the office and show everybody the contract they signed.

    “They should really be finding out what other needs the customer might have. How did they find out about you? Maybe you can get more and advertise in those places. You can really start to pinpoint what’s working best in your sales process.”

    Show that you care

    You need to do what you can to get to know your people beyond the work that they produce for your company. It can make things a lot easier when the outside world infringes on your employees’ ability to do their job.

    “We had an employee whose wife had a baby two months premature,” Titus says. “He left the hospital to go pick up his other child, went around the block and got in a car accident and totaled his car. You have a wife and a baby in intensive care and you’ve got a car that is totally wrecked. You’ve got a guy that’s not thinking too straight.

    “If I don’t know what’s going on, I might say, ‘What the heck is going on with you?’ and find fault with something.”

    Instead, Titus was able to draw on his own experience dealing with a premature birth and offer support to his employee.

    “You just have to be open and have a relationship with your people and talk with them,” Titus says.

    Developing closer relationships with your people will help you be more aware of the circumstances when problems arise. But in the scope of the business, it will also open new doors to feedback and suggestions that could help the company.

    “There are so many companies out there that tell people what they want to accomplish, but they don’t go to the other side and find out what the employees want,” Titus says.

    Gathering this input may involve meeting for breakfast or lunch or it could be a simple walk around the building.

    “Most times, it’s just stopping by their office, knocking on the door and saying, ‘How are you doing? What’s going on?’” Titus says. “‘I heard about this, what’s going on with this? Is there something I can help you with?’ If you do more helping them instead of pointing fingers, I think that helps a lot.”

    The idea is to make a real effort to listen to what your people have to say and understand the challenges that they face in doing their jobs.

    “There are times when I feel like I’m biting my tongue so hard it’s going to come off,” Titus says. “I have to recognize they have the same challenges, and in some cases, it’s much harder for them. They may see things differently than I do. There’s never one way to get something done; there are multiple ways. ... Encourage them to do what they feel is right. Pull out of them what they want to do rather than tell them what I would do.”

    When he’s out of his office talking to employees, he always asks a lot of questions. One reason is to get his employees out of the habit of telling him what they think he wants to hear and keeping their concerns to themselves.

    “If they don’t question it out loud, they are going to keep it in their head, which is worse,” Titus says. “I’d rather have it come out of their mouth than be in a situation where they are thinking it, but they give you lip service.”

    It comes back to the idea of empowering people and putting them in a position to affect change in your organization.

    “I might say, ‘Everything is great right now, but how are we positioning ourselves for 2010?’” Titus says. “‘What are we going to do in 2009 if certain things don’t work the same way? Do you think we might want to invest in a little better Web site or hire another person to organize this for the future so we can continue doing well?’ Try to get it to come out of their mouth.”

    Several years ago, Titus was looking for a person with an international background to fill a key position in the company.

    “We’re going through this whole placement process and spending money on advertising and looking for this person,” Titus says. “Meanwhile, I have somebody in my company that lived in Mexico for five years, speaks Spanish and would love the position. But I don’t even know it.”

    It was a lesson that has stuck with Titus, forcing him to realize that you should never lose touch with your people.

    “You always have hidden gems in there,” Titus says. “My dad would always say, ‘If you want to find out about a school, you don’t ask the principal. Ask the janitor.’ If you want to find out about an organization, don’t ask the senior executives. Go ask the people that are handling the facilities, the IT people. Go ask the people that are handling the sale of equipment.”

    By getting everyone involved in the operation of the company, UFG has grown to 1,450 franchise locations in 50 countries. Titus hopes to increase the number of locations to 2,000 by 2010.

    For Titus, the key to success is actually very simple. “Treat people the way you want to be treated,” Titus says. “That goes a long way in running a successful company.”

    When asked when he will be satisfied with his accomplishments in the business world, Titus says it’s not going to happen.

    “I’m very proud of what we accomplished,” Titus says. “But why would I want to just sit back and be satisfied? Save that for retirement.”

    Titus embraces employees who show a little initiative or even a desire to sit in his chair one day.

    “Some people are threatened if someone says, ‘I want your job someday,’” Titus says. “I’m not threatened at all; I’m happy. ‘You want my job? Let’s see what kind of work you’re willing to do to get it.’ I’d rather have somebody that wants to achieve more and accomplish more and isn’t going to be just satisfied.”

    HOW TO REACH: United Franchise Group, (888) 816-6749 or

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  • Embroidme Turns Print Catalog Into a Dynamic, Interactive Online Experience

    West Palm Beach, FL- EmbroidMe, Inc., the world’s largest embroidery and screen printing franchise, goes high-tech with an online catalog that enables viewers to see their own personal image, right on what they are buying. The new process gives customers the ability to upload their own logos and create virtual samples on a variety of promotional items and decorated apparel. Additionally, the e-catalog eliminates the need for wasteful paper catalogs in an effort to further EmbroidMe’s green initiative.

    “This is an exciting advancement in our ability to give customers the service they need,” said an Embroidme Representative. “As we work to serve as consultants and help our customers grow their businesses, we can use this tool to explore additional advertising solutions.”

    Customers can now browse through pages of the new online catalog just like browsing through the pages of a paper catalog. After “virtually turning” the pages, once the customers select the desired item, it is enlarged in high clarity, along with the catalog description.

    For some, using an online catalog may not be a new experience, but what makes EmbroidMe’s new e-catalog so unique is the ability to view personalized logos on chosen items with the click of a mouse. No graphic design experience or special programs are necessary.

    “Many people find it difficult to visualize exactly what a finished product is going to look like with their logo on it,” said an Embroidme Representative. “That being said, they also know exactly what they want when they see it.”

    The new e-catalog service helps you decide exactly where you want that screen printing on shirts you are ordering, or tells you if your custom embroidery will fit on ball caps. It’s time to stop guessing and start creating! Check out the e-catalog at today to see your logo on thousands of items.

    About EmbroidMe:

    With hundreds of retail locations worldwide, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen printing for apparel, as well as promotional products and gifts to both the private and commercial segments of the business community. To locate the store nearest you, visit and follow us on Twitter at

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  • New Embroidme Franchise Opens in Qatar


    New Embroidme Franchise Opens in Qatar

    DOHA, Qatar (September 9, 2008) – Hasan Yousef Al-Sai has been granted a Master License to develop franchises in Qatar for EmbroidMe, the world’s largest embroidery franchise. Al-Sai will develop the award-winning brand by launching a flagship location in Doha, Qatar in March of 2009 with his partner, Ali Jaber Al-Kuwari.

    World Franchisors, a division of United Franchise Group of West Palm Beach, Fla., will assist EmbroidMe and Al-Sai with their expansion in Qatar. World Franchisors helps franchise organizations expand internationally, reach more customers and enhance profitability.

    With hundreds of retail locations worldwide, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen-printing for apparel, as well as promotional products and gifts to both the private and commercial segments of the business community.

    Individuals interested in receiving more information on EmbroidMe in Qatar should contact Al-Sai at +974-5754422. Those interested in international availability and master license opportunities, should contact Tony Foley, President of World Franchisors at 001-561-868-1358 (U.S.) or at

    Photo caption:
    Present at the license signing were (from left to right): Michael Prince, Director of Franchise Relations, WORLD FRANCHISORS, Ali Al-Kuwari, Ray Titus, CEO of UNITED FRANCHISE GROUP and Hasan Al-Sai, EmbroidMe Master Licensee.

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  • Ray Titus Named to Counselor Power 50 For 2008

    Ray Titus Named to Counselor Power 50 For 2008

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – November 19, 2008 - Advertising Specialty Institute®, the largest media and marketing organizationserving the advertising specialty industry

    The Counselor Power 50 is an impressive group of executives who have redefined innovation at their companies, are setting the pace for the marketplace and whom other distributors and suppliers emulate in their best practices.

    The ranking is determined by a panel of editorial experts at the award-winning Counselor magazine. The panel first sent a survey to industry distributors and suppliers, asking them to nominate potential newcomers to the list and to also indicate whether those on last year’s list should move up or down, or be removed. It also carefully weighed other factors, such as nominees’ achievements throughout the year and the health of their companies.

    “We have received many comments about the Counselor Power 50 list,” said Timothy M. Andrews, president and chief executive officer of ASI. “Distributors and suppliers like to tell us who should move up or down in the rankings as well as who should be moved off the list entirely. Our readers are not shy.”

    “We expect 2009 to be our best year ever. In addition to our success in the United States, we have experienced growth internationally in Australia, Canada, China and India,” said Ray Titus, CEO for EmbroidMe.

    This year’s group was announced at the second ASI Power Summit, an exclusive event attended by over 200 executives and business leaders from around the globe who discuss issues vital to the advertising specialty industry, identify best practices and determine ways in which the industry can productively move forward.

    For the complete Counselor Power 50 ranking for 2008, visit

    About EmbroidMe:

    Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Fla., EmbroidMe (, is the world leader in the full-service embroidery, printed apparel, promotional products and personalized gifts industry. With hundreds of retail locations worldwide, EmbroidMe provides its services and products to both the private and commercial segments of the business community. The company is part of the UNITED FRANCHISE GROUP (, an organization that specializes in franchise development and services.

    About ASI

    Advertising Specialty Institute is the largest media and marketing organization serving the advertising specialty industry, with a membership of over 26,000 distributor firms (sellers) and supplier firms (manufacturers) of advertising specialties. Supplier firms use ASI print and electronic resources to market products to over 22,000 ASI distributor firms. Distributor firms use ASI print and electronic resources, which contain nearly every product in the industry from more than 3,500 reputable suppliers, to locate supplier firms and to market services to buyers. ASI provides catalogs, information directories, newsletters, magazines, websites and databases, and offers e-commerce, marketing and selling tools. Visit

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