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  • EmbroidMe Sets Your Company Apart with Promotional Items

    The competition will be no match for your company with the help of EmbroidMe. We are dedicated to helping you brand your company or organization as the best and most professional in your field. By placing your logo, name or insignia on apparel and promotional products at tradeshows and events, everyone will know your name! Your name and logo is the first thing your clients, employees and peers notice. From the moment they enter your store, firm or restaurant, make sure you are remembered with customized apparel and promotional items. People will take notice when your entire team is looking personable and professional in their custom apparel. With over 30 famous brands to choose from, you can find the perfect t-shirts, uniforms and accessories for your staff, in any color or style. Leave your guests and clients with an impression that lasts with promotional products like pens, mugs and tote bags. Your office and your community will be branded with a name they know and trust. Show off your success at trade shows, fundraisers and in the office. Make sure your name is displayed with one-of-a-kind apparel, banners, and promo items to gain customers and respect from other operators. A great way to show your community you care is hosting or sponsoring a local charity event. You will be known for your success and kindness, while impressing and gaining customers. At EmbroidMe we can even help your company set up a rewards program for staff and clients. Let them know you care with monthly promotional items like hats, umbrellas, water bottles or even office accessories like mouse pads and flash drives. Dont be just another building on the block, set yourself apart with EmbroidMe. Let us help brand and promote your company to skyrocket past the competition. Contact your local EmbroidMe Resource Center to start planning your successful future.

  • Tee Off at the Competition with Promotional Golf Products

    Look and play like the pros with EmbroidMe golf apparel and promotional items. By promoting your company on and off the course with professional polo shirts, golf bags, and other golf accessories, everyone will know your companys name in the office and on the green. Drive your business toward success with promotional golf apparel and products. EmbroidMe offers over 30 brand name apparel options, including a wide variety of performance gear. Brand names like Champion, Ultra Club and Adidas guarantee fashionable functionality in any weather condition. Place your company name, logo or crest on any fabric to establish your place on the fairway. Ensure your company gets noticed with top of the line golf accessories. Our state-of-the-art embroidery, screen and garment printing services can place your brand and logo on any product or surface. People will take notice when they spot your logo embroidered or printed on tees, golf balls and golf bags on the green. With over 800,000 promotional products, EmbroidMe has the best selection for your promotional golf needs. Its no secret that deals are made and business relationships are cemented on the golf course. Show off your stuff and represent you company at the country club or during a golf tournament. Participating in and sponsoring golf a tournament is a great way to bring in new business and awareness to any organization. Whether youre hosting a tournament or a participant, professional golf apparel and accessories get your company or organization noticed. Promotional golf products make great donation incentives, participation giveaways or awards. Everyone will leave happy with new and unique golf gear and apparel, customized by you. Stop by your local Resource Center where our EmbroidMe specialists are waiting to help you design, create and produce promotional golf products for your company or organization. From tee time to the 18th hole, your company will shine with professional and affordable golf products.

  • Customize with School Insignia to Show off Academic Achievement

    West Palm Beach, FL - August 21, 2014 - Students can start their journey to academic success with apparel and back-to-school essentials branded with their school insignia. Shine in and out of the classroom while promoting your school's scholastic excellence.

    Students, faculty and alumni are always proud to support their alma mater. At EmbroidMe we can help you design and create a one-of-a-kind crest or logo to be printed on school supplies, dorm room essentials and customized apparel. Everyone will sport their custom hoodies, back packs, notebooks, blankets and more, on and off campus. Become a trendsetter by designing and creating tech accessories like laptop covers, cell phone cases or calculators in your school's colors.

    Enhance your school's look and reputation with custom accessories. Students, faculty and their families will all show their pride with custom key chains, glassware, water bottles and more. With over 800,000 promotional products to choose from, you will find the best ways to show off your school spirit with EmbroidMe - we can print on any surface or in any color.

    Commemorate your school's academic success with an EmbroidMe Awards Program. We will help you design and produce certificates, trophies, pins and plaques to motivate student and faculty achievements. Even after graduation, students will never forget the best years of their lives with custom frames for pictures, certificates and even their diplomas.

    "A great education starts with a great school. Be a school students, faculty and alumni will never forget, with the help of EmbroidMe," said an Embroidme Representative. "Contact your local EmbroidMe store to proudly promote your school with apparel, school supplies and awards."

  • Professional and Personal Promotional Products

    Branding is an important step in establishing your company. A customer will recognize your name or logo, but what will set you apart from the other insurance companies or restaurants in your area? Promotional products! Designing and creating promotional products for your company will make it more recognizable and memorable. Imagine its dinner time, and the family is getting restless. You go to the refrigerator and what do you see? A magnet with your friendly neighborhood pizza or Chinese food place. Promotional products as simple as a magnet prove to be effective at drawing in new and repeat customers while increasing brand recognition. EmbroidMe has over 800,000 promotional products to choose from. We offer pens, totes, t-shirts and more in whatever style is best from your company. Whether you choose a professional polo shirt or personal mug, we have the right promotional products for any sized company. Our unique embroidery, screen and garment printing services can print on any fabric or surface. We can print any company name, logo or picture on the promotional product of your choice. Choose the look thats right for you in any style or color on your favorite shirt, notebook or backpack. Placing your name, logo or insignia on any of our promotional products is essential for tradeshows, but also make an impact as donation incentives, and customer and employee giveaways. Showing your community you care with a name they will trust and remember. Leave lasting impressions with the help of colleagues, friends and family. Everyone will take notice when people are using your logoed towels or carrying your custom totes. Your company deserves recognition at tradeshows and at local town events. By creating and designing promotional products with your name or logo, you will establish your brand and become a more successful company. Be known as the best with custom promotional products by EmbroidMe.

  • Spread Pride School Wide

    This fall, colleges and universities will open their doors to students, professors and parents from around the world. The first stop on any college tour is the school shop or bookstore to stock up on university-branded apparel, school supplies and dorm room essentials. Be prepared for the first week rush with EmbroidMe. With over 30 brand name apparel options, EmbroidMe can help you create and design a new logo and brand for your college or university. Our on-site specialists are available to embroider or print any fabric or surface. From professional logoed polo shirts to fashionable university v-necks, we can help you spread school pride across campus. Customize fan gear with your universitys logo, colors or mascot. Promote your schools athletic success with gear that will get your fans pumped up for the big game or match. Have performance t-shirts, knit jerseys, beverage holders, and lawn blankets with your school logo available at home games or online. It doesnt have to end with sports gear. Let us help create the best looks for your students at any forum or function with decorated collegiate apparel, such as embroidered cardigans, vests or oxford shirts. Its a great way to promote any university club or student group. Getting people involved with fundraisers or rallies can sometimes be a challenge, but with EmbroidMe it has never been easier. We offer more than 800,000 promotional products that are perfect for donation incentives at fundraisers. Your school will gain recognition and praise when donors receive prize packs with logoed blankets, mugs, pens and more. Ensure your college or university is proudly represented by students, faculty and alumni this school year. Contact your nearest Resource Center to start customizing your school apparel, fan gear and promotional products.

  • Be a Jack of All Tradeshows with Promotional Products

    You worked hard to open your firm or store, and it is important to show off your success. Attending trade shows is a great way to network and display your brand. Shake up your competitors with stand-out customized promotional products, logos and apparel. At EmbroidMe, a promotional marketing expert will partner with you to develop a program designed to get you results from your tradeshow experience. It is easy to get lost in a sea of other vendors, so its important that your brand stands out. Grab peoples attention with striking pop-up displays and logoed banners and table skirts. Dont just rely on name tags; make sure your company is known and each member of your team is identified by placing your brand on any of our high quality apparel. EmbroidMe offers brand names like VanHuesen, IZOD and performance clothing like Champion. You will always look your best while pitching a prospective client in an embroidered polo, t-shirt or hat with your logo on it. Dont be just another company at the show, be an innovator with a unique variety of promotional products. Dont have any branding imagery? At EmbroidMe we can help design and create the perfect logo for your brand that can be printed on just about any fabric or surface. We can do anything from custom pens to embroidered oxford polos. Leave a lasting impression with promotional giveaways such as calendars, golf items, mugs and tote bags or drawstring back packs. Everyone can leave with a custom item featuring your brand. Generate new buzz about your company and create future business and networking opportunities. With our state-of-the-art embroidery, garment and screen printing, we can print or embroider your company name, logo or full-color photographs on any fabric, creating the look you desire for your company. Proudly display your brand at your next trade show. Sweep the competitors under the rug at the next cleaning supply show or exterminate them at the next pest control show. Whatever your trade, EmbroidMe is here to ensure your brand is recognized and becomes a household name. Contact your nearest Resource Center today to establish and promote your brand the right way.

  • Catch EmbroidMe Fever with Customized Medical Apparel

    People working in the field of health care are used to long days and tough nights, so comfortable and functional medical apparel is of paramount importance. Whether youre a dentist, veterinarian or tech assistant, you always need to look good. Scrubs and lab coats need some pizzazz and customized medical apparel is a great way to get your practice noticed. Fashionable medical apparel is not always easy to find but EmbroidMe carries over 30 brands to choose from. Dickies-styled scrubs are great for daily office visits or medical emergencies; theyre durable and come in a wide variety of colors. Not only does EmbroidMe use its unique eight-step process to help you customize clothing, we can also produce name tags, magnets or mugs for your medical office needs. Promotional products like these can be great patient giveaways to ensure they leave with a smile and pass along their great experience to future patients. Your customized logo can be printed on just about anything. At all of our EmbroidMe Resource Centers, we have on-site specialists to help design and create the look thats right for you. Polos, t-shirts and pens can be great giveaways at charity events or civic functions. If youre looking for new apparel for your whole staff, we have it! Its a great way to show your team how much you appreciate them while also upgrading the professionalism of your brand. Be comfortable, fashionable, and professional with customized medical apparel from EmbroidMe. Stop by your nearest Resource Center, we are waiting patiently.

  • Construct the Perfect Look for Your Company

    Build a better future for your brand today with customized construction apparel by EmbroidMe. Our visual branding works well, from jobsite to trade shows and meetings. We use our state-of-the-art screen printing, direct garment printing and embroidery to give your company a high quality, unified look. Promoting your company is easy with our unique eight-step process. We can print your brand and logo on everything from hard hats to polo oxfords. Construction workers and management place a high value on safety. The quality of your high-visibility clothing, hard hats and safety equipment are important, so why not get the best for your team? At EmbroidMe, we carry all the state-of-the-line performance gear, like UltraClub and Champion. Branded hard hats and reflective t-shirts serve the dual-purpose of keeping your employees safe while promoting brand awareness. Working in the hot sun or freezing cold all day can put a lot of stress on your workers, but the diverse high-performance apparel options at EmbroidMe will help your be prepared to work in any weather conditions. Every EmbroidMe Resource Center is staffed with on-site specialists ready to help design and create a customized look to best represent your firm. Make sure your management team looks professional while promoting your company in embroidered polos or oxfords. Put your company logo on t-shirts or customized caps for your crew. Having everyone on your staff wear your logo around town is a great way to build awareness of your company. Contact your nearest Resource Center to get started on constructing a new look for your company.

  • Back to School Uniforms Made Fast and Easy with EmbroidMe

    West Palm Beach, FL - June 19, 2014 - Now that the school year has drawn to a close, it is a great time to plan for next year's school uniform needs. School uniforms are no longer limited to private educational institutions as many public school districts have adopted optional or mandatory uniform policies. Not only do uniforms save time by making it easy for students to dress for school on busy mornings, many disagreements between parents and children over the choice of attire are eliminated. In addition, teachers and administrators report that uniforms tend to encourage better behavior and school spirit.

    School uniforms don't have to be plain and boring; EmbroidMe offers high-quality uniforms that can be customized with your school's logo and colors. EmbroidMe provides a wide assortment of apparel styles and products to choose from. For your embroidered polo shirts, oxfords and backpacks, screen printed t-shirts, outerwear and accessories, EmbroidMe has everything your school needs.

    EmbroidMe's Apparel Design Studio allows the school administration to specify design and color options online, including the ability to upload logos, mascots and other graphics and images. From then on, the ordering process is quick. Parents may order the uniforms directly through the school's ordering portal, where they can select quantities, sizes and approved colors, online and accessible 24 hours a day. Nothing could be more convenient for everyone involved.

    "Morning arguments and violations of school dress codes don't have to be a problem anymore. We can help you design the right uniform for your school," said an Embroidme Representative. "Visit your local EmbroidMe store today for more details and to get started."

  • Professional Chef Attire for Delivering a Quality Meal

    Want to be the next Emeril Lagasse or Mario Batali? EmbroidMe is here to help. Look professional like your favorite gourmet chefs with custom embroidered chef coats. Choose from any color, text, or customize your logo to get the look you want. When you look your best, you cook your best. Whether youre the Chief Chef or the fry guy take your culinary skills to the next level with a custom jacket just for you. At EmbroidMe, we make it a piece of cake to get the look you want. At each of our Resource Centers, our knowledgeable staff is ready to help design and create your custom chefs coat. Using our unique eight-step process, they will help you create coats for just one or for your whole kitchen staff. Have your restaurant running its best while looking its best. Turn heads at your next catering event or restaurant show. Having your custom logo on your chefs jacket is sure to get you or your restaurant noticed. People will never forget your famous hors d'oeuvres or pastries when they see your one of a kind chefs coat. If youre opening a new restaurant, bakery or catering company, order anything from custom aprons to napkins with your company name or logo. We can do custom printing on the fabric of your choosing, in any color or font to match your style. Its the perfect way to start off on the right foot with your staff and make them feel like a part of the team. Make sure youre the hottest kitchen on the block by contacting the EmbroidMe Resource Center nearest you. For whatever culinary endeavor, we can help you design the custom look you want and deserve.

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