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  • January is National Blood Donor Month

    female doctorSupport the annual American Red Cross blood drive with promotional products from EmbroidMe.

    The holiday season is a reflection of gratitude by many Americans. This is the perfect time to highlight the importance of giving the gift of life.  January is National Blood Donor Month, and perpetuates the spirit of giving.

    Businesses can make valuable contributions to the American Red Cross nationwide blood drive by planning now to support this effort. EmbroidMe suggests planning a promotional marketing campaign that will spread goodwill throughout the holiday season and beyond.  All businesses can show their support and encourage clients and customers to give blood in January.

    The strategic use of promotional marketing tactics can raise awareness in the community and impact an important national cause.  A company-wide effort can be encouraged by distributing pens or notepads that have a timely message. "Give the Gift of Life, Support National Blood Donor Month - January 2015," along with the company's name and logo, shows commitment and promotes action.

    Customer service teams can wear nametags or buttons and give wristbands to customers, encouraging them to join the effort. Educational materials printed with locations and times for giving blood are helpful reminders customers can take home. With the company's logo, these align the business with the American Red Cross and local collection centers, creating a partnership in the minds of customers.

    The benefits of using promotional items to support this cause will establish awareness of the business linking it to a nationwide campaign - smart business for everyone. More importantly, the company can take pride in knowing it has made a difference in the lives of many individuals.

    "Make a New Year's resolution now to support National Blood Donor month in your community," said an Embroidme Representative. "Your local EmbroidMe Resource Center will assist in building your leadership with a valuable campaign."

    A simple donation of blood has a tremendous impact – it can save someone's life. Each pint of blood received by the Red Cross offers hope to someone in need. For more information about contributing in your city, visit .

  • Branded Embroidered Lab Coats

    Whether for departmental identification purposes or client-facing branding, professionally embroidered lab coats from EmbroidMe provide a clean and classic look for staff, while effectively communicating the brand.

    There is a certain trust given by the public to people in lab coats; they are the doctors, engineers, and researchers we see as essential to a healthy standard of living.

    When you walk into a pharmacy, you are greeted by the pharmacist and assistants in their embroidered lab coats, proudly displaying their names, credentials and the name of the establishment. Should you have questions, you will know right away if you are addressing the appropriate person.

    In other sectors, like research and engineering, those lab coats make key people identifiable internally. The company name and logo will appear, along with the name and department of the person wearing the coat. Coats and personal identifiers can be color coded to improve efficiency in high-stress situations, for example on an oil and gas jobsite or in an emergency room. When every minute counts, being able to identify the right person quickly is essential.

    EmbroidMe, the world's largest retail embroidery franchise, is an industry leader in quality branding. Embroidered lab coats from EmbroidMe will be produced with utmost care and attention to detail, with the stitching designed to last through multiple washes and tough days on the job.

    Contact your nearest EmbroidMe Resource Center to find out more about custom embroidered lab coats for your staff.

  • Share Your Holiday Spirit with Edible Promotional Gifts

    logo cookiesWith the holiday season right around the corner, now is the time to plan and order gifts for your valuable clients. What better way to show the spirit of the season than with edible promotional gifts? The options with edible marketing are endless, providing you with the joy of selecting a gift youre sure your best customers will love. The gift of food lends a personal touch and shows that your company cares about its clients. Extravagance is acceptable the holidays are the time to indulge! Fine chocolates wrapped in a thank you message from your brand, or gourmet cookies and decadent brownies iced with your companys logo are irresistible. Arriving in a beautifully wrapped box, your gift will be welcomed by your clients office as a special treat. Fresh nuts are a great option for sharing they provide a protein packed treat among the decadence of holiday sweets and are enjoyed as a healthy snack that keeps your energy up. Consider individual bags of different varieties of nuts, tied with holiday bows and presented to the office in an antiqued, galvanized aluminum tub. Assorted coffees, coffee pods and gourmet teas also make a wonderful gift. They can be delivered in a pretty wooden box with your company name engraved, accented with a big red bow. Candy of every style makes great nibbling for your corporate customers. Presented in a clear acrylic jar, a gift of candy is a festive treat. Individual pieces of hard candy, like M&MS, can be imprinted with your logo. Popcorn in assorted flavors arriving in a big colorful tin makes a big statement. Remember, packaging is everything! The container that announces your gifts arrival is the perfect place for your holiday message, along with your companys logo and tagline. A well-conceived box, tin, basket or other vessel will be used to hold other items long after the edible gift is gone, perpetuating your companys name for months to come. Contact your local EmbroidMe Resource Center today. Our onsite specialists will walk you through our unique eight-step process to find the perfect holiday gifts to suit your style, within your budget.

  • EmbroidMe Offers Garment Printing: Number One in Decorated Apparel

    Need new uniforms, t-shirts, or canvas bags for your company? At EmbroidMe, we offer the best direct garment and screen printing services around. Our knowledgeable onsite specialists will assist you in designing and creating one-of-a-kind products that get the job done. Get creative! You can customize a logo, message or image just for your company. Garment printing is the number one service in decorating apparel, producing cool custom, and quality products.   Choose from our large selection of t-shirts, hats, totes, towels and more. Our ink jet technology is fast, and our water-based inks are eco-friendly, transforming a high quality image into a unique, wearable look. Garment printing is perfect for any school, team or company apparel program. With direct garment printing, the ink from an image fuses to the fabric without adding a textured layer on top, therefore, your apparel item maintains its original feel with comfortable results. Everyone will look their best at school, in the office or on the field in customized uniforms. Let us serve as an extension of your marketing team and help you establish your brand with customized apparel. Its a great way to advertise your company or organization, while creating unity and teamwork. Our garment printing technology is fast, convenient and effective. Contact your local Resource Center to discover the various ways we customize apparel. You will love the outcome.

  • December Is Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month

    Identity theft has become a worldwide pandemic. With the holiday season approaching, and an ever-growing number of purchases being made online, December has been named Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month.

    Scammers do not discriminate. If people are not wary, they can easily become victims. And victims quickly find themselves thousands of dollars in debt. To help raise awareness of this problem, EmbroidMe suggests planning a promotional marketing campaign that will spread the message that identity theft is preventable.

    Such an initiative can help prevent the anguish that victims of identity theft suffer through the strategic use of promotional marketing. A company effort can be encouraged by using and distributing pens or notepads that have a timely message. "Fight Phishing! Protect Yourself from Internet Identity Theft," along with a company's name and logo shows care and promotes awareness about this serious issue.

    The benefits of using promotional items to support this cause go way beyond the obvious perks of branding and marketing; a business can leverage these items to reassure its customers that their identities are secure, and others are exposed to the concept of identity theft prevention through its simple message.

    Throughout the month of December, customer service teams should be outfitted with buttons, nametags or wristbands to support the cause. Information or customer service departments can make educational material available to customers offering helpful tips on how to be wary and protect themselves. EmbroidMe suggests RFID security sleeves, checkbook covers or passport holders as appropriate reminders for customers to be aware of identity theft crisis.

    "December is just around the corner. Now is the time for companies to plan how they will promote identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month," said an Embroidme Representative. "EmbroidMe's onsite specialists can recommend many advantageous ways to support this important national campaign."

  • The Art of Screen Printing

    Have you ever wondered about the intricate art of screen printing? At EmbroidMe, we pride ourselves on our high-quality screen printing services. Our experienced specialists have the creativity, knowledge and professional skills to provide you with the best screen printing techniques for your project. From stylish t-shirts to comfortable hoodies, your name, logo or image will come to life on the fabric of your choice. Step 1: Choose a Design and Product EmbroidMes onsite specialists work as an extension of your marketing team, and are ready to help you design and create the best look for your project. You can choose from a wide variety of typefaces, colors and patterns or create your own image for custom screen printing. You are only limited by your imagination! Step 2: Prepping Screen printing is affordable and ideal for bulk orders. Prepping for screen printing involves creating a mesh screen containing your design inside a wooden frame. The mesh screen must then be washed and coated with a special emulsion and air dried before the printing begins. Step 3: The Process Once your design is prepared for printing, the experts at EmbroidMe will position the mesh-screen frame on the product youve chosen. When your design and product are positioned, tape will be applied to mask any unwanted light exposure during the screen printing process. When the screen, details and tape are aligned, one by one the ink colors will be applied. How long the ink takes to be applied and dried depends on the number of colors and size of your desired detailing. The mesh-screen frame will then be heated so that the ink will cure, giving it a raised and glossy effect. The intricate printing process takes a steady hand and plenty of patience to make it just right. Step 4: Enjoy! Once your new screen-printed product is heated and dried, it is yours to take home, enjoy and cherish! At EmbroidMe, well encourage you to be a part of the process by designing and creating your own custom product. From t-shirts to glassware we can help you create the perfect, personalized item for your company, family or organization. Contact your local Resource Center today to learn more about our screen printing process.

  • All Treats, No Tricks! Businesses Prepare for Halloween with Custom Promotional Items from EmbroidMe

    Halloween NOW IS THE TIME FOR BUSINESSES TO ORDER IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN Halloween evokes traditional images of children in costume going door to door in their neighborhoods collecting candy on October 31st. These days, however, Halloween has emerged as a community holiday, with schools, churches, nonprofits and businesses planning now to participate in Halloween-themed events throughout the month of October. Local organizations can organize or take part in such events at local malls, community centers, festivals, carnivals and pumpkin patches.

    Safety First

    Halloween now offers businesses, churches and other organizations the perfect opportunity to solidify their reputations as good community citizens. How? When businesses and other organizations participate in Halloween-themed events, they can come to these events armed with branded promotional items that help keep trick-or-treaters and their parents safe after dark.

    Items such as brightly-colored trick-or-treat bags or totes, glow sticks, reflective zipper pulls, glow-in-the-dark wristbands, flashlights and reflective slap bracelets branded with an organization's logo will be sure to please parents concerned with keeping their children safe. Many of these safety-conscious items are reusable and will be useful for visibility after dark long after Halloween has come and gone. Each time a promotional item gets used, the company that distributed the item will be remembered.

    Not Just Candy in Those Trick-or-Treat Bags

    Businesses and other organizations participating in Halloween-themed events can also distribute promotional items to be handed out to trick-or-treaters in lieu of candy. Branded school supplies, such as pens and pencils, crayons, notepads and stickers with engaging pictures of ghosts, bats, pumpkins and witches, will delight both the kids who collect them and their parents who will be happy that some of their children's Halloween loot does not involve the potential for tooth decay.

    Businesses interested in mounting a Halloween promotional marketing campaign must design and order their products now to be ready for October.

    EmbroidMe offers a full range of promotional items that can be tailored to advertise a business while simultaneously commemorating Halloween, but companies need to be aware that many of them require lead time. an Embroidme Representative says: "EmbroidMe offers thousands of promotional products that can align a brand with events in the community such as Halloween. As the largest promotional product franchise that offers local, in-house promotional product customization, EmbroidMe is your one-stop-shop for creating fantastic Halloween giveaways."

  • Thank Loyal Country Club Members with Promotional Golf Items

    West Palm Beach, FL - October 9, 2014 - Your members know that joining a country club can be a great investment. From conducting business on the golf course, to socializing with friends, to hosting once-in-a-lifetime events, members love being part of a great community.

    Remind your members how much you care about them by offering promotional golf products that they can wear and use with pride. Stock your pro shop with custom apparel, sporting goods and accessories with your club's name, logo or crest. Every member will look fabulous and professional in custom polos and golf apparel, or carrying totes and towels. Loyal members will proudly display their club's apparel on the course, at the pool and at home.

    Reward your members with monthly gifts or prize packs that can include t-shirts, totes, Tervis® tumblers and more! Club events like golf tournaments or fundraisers are great ways to promote the community and provide members with opportunities to socialize. Our knowledgeable specialists can help create on-trend golf items, like embroidered gloves and bags or screen printed golf balls or tees.

    Are you interested in growing your membership? EmbroidMe can help you design and create unique apparel or promotional products as new member incentives. When you offer complimentary professional polos, comfortable towels or unforgettable tech accessories, prospective new members will be eager to join your community.

    "Promote loyalty, community and professionalism at your country club," said an Embroidme Representative. "Contact your local Resource Center for customized club apparel and accessories. Your members and guests will never forget the luxury and leisure your club has to offer."

  • Think Pink! 5 Ways to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Its smart business for a company or organization to show its human side by supporting its favorite causes through promotional products. Consumers relate to companies who have similar values and who care about the causes about which they are most passionate. Show them your interest! nonprofit marketing October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every year, there is a campaign to increase awareness of the disease and to remind people to plan and take necessary steps to detect the disease in its early stages. Show your support of this important cause and encourage others to join in. Breast cancer has touched the lives of so many. Through the empathetic caring and sharing of people around the world, tremendous strides have been made in medical research. There are many ways to get involved. Show your support by: 1. Incorporating the pink ribbon into your employees uniforms name tags, lapel pins, buttons, ball caps, wristbands, to name just a few will make a strong statement in your place of business. 2. Giving your employees a special gift, featuring a pink ribbon and your company name coffee mug, insulated cold cup or shopping bag which will be seen by other breast cancer awareness supporters outside your business. 3. Distributing customer giveaways aligning your business with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, such as pink ribbon pens, notepads, magnets and balloons. 4. Using pink ribbon supplies in your business, including merchandise bags, table cards and stickers. 5. Donating pink ribbon giveaway items to a community fundraising event keychains, cardholders, lens/screen cleaning cloths. Theres no need to limit your devotion to the cause for just the month of October. The Pink Ribbon is a universally-recognized symbol of Breast cancer awareness, appreciated all year long. Let EmbroidMe specialists help integrate pink ribbon ideas into your promotional products program, customized for your organization. Visit one of our local Resource Centers today.

  • Dominate Trade Shows with EmbroidMe

    West Palm Beach, FL - September 18, 2014 - Steal the spotlight at your next trade show with customized promotional products, apparel and displays. Build a brand customers will trust and competitors will envy with EmbroidMe.

    It's too easy to get lost in a sea of tradeshow booths. Stand out with custom banners, tablecloths, backdrops and other unique displays. Catch the eye of new clients, while reassuring already satisfied customers that yours is the best in the biz. Not only will your booth look great, your team will look sharp in customized apparel and visual branding, from professional polos to colorful name tags.

    Leave lasting impressions with creative promotional giveaways. Show clients and competition you're confident in your business with custom glassware, tote bags, office supplies or tech accessories featuring your company name and logo. Promotional products are a proven way to increase your ROI, while establishing client and business relationships. People will always be reminded of your company long after they leave with custom pens, mugs, t-shirts and more.

    Promote your company professionally and affordably with EmbroidMe. Our unique eight step process can print or embroider any name, logo or image of your choice on almost any kind of surface. The knowledgeable promotional marketing experts at EmbroidMe can help you design, create and produce the perfect promotional products, apparel and displays for any size company.

    "At EmbroidMe, we know what it takes to successfully promote your brand," said an Embroidme Representative. "To dominate at your next tradeshow, contact your local EmbroidMe Resource Center. Your business will look its best and be the best!"

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