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  • Scarves are all the rage these days

    Scarves are all the rage these days.  Obviously, scarves have always been part of any dress code for many countries in cold climates.  However, for years now scarves have had more than just a functional purpose.  I remember as a child that if you were unable to afford the soccer jersey representing your favorite team, the next best thing was to have their scarf.  The reason for this, of course, is that it allowed you to embroider the team badge onto the scarf, and thus transform the scarf into public statement of who you were proud to support and swear your allegiance to.  There are some scarves that have different patterns and designs embroidered on either side of them, allowing you to wear the scarf with different clothing.  There are several reasons why scarves are great fashion accessories.  Consider the following:

    • They are versatile, so you can wear them in different ways depending on your image and mood.

    • They are great for finishing an overall look and giving a better sense of completeness and symmetry to your attire.  For example, sometimes you might wear a big, heavy jacket that ends up looking disproportionate to your neck line, and scarf can be the perfect clothing accessory to bring extra balance to your look.

    • They are great for that added bit of color to your clothing.  A lot of winter clothing is made from earth tones and darker colors, so a scarf with bold patterns or lighter colors can be a good compliment to your overall appearance.  It will help you avoid a look of dullness or plainness and bring a bit color to your face.

    • They are great for functional reasons as well.  You can really keep out a lot cold and rain by covering your neck with an appropriately sized scarf.  Some have said that wrapping up warmly can even prevent you from catching the flu.  There of course other factors, but it is medically proven that going in and out of extreme temperature and be detrimental to your health.

    So scarves are here to stay and only show signs of growing in popularity and use.  Now with so many kinds of scarves for different climates and settings, it seems that scarves are going to continue to have the dual purposes of function and show.

  • EmbroidMe Promotes Environmental Stewardship

    West Palm Beach, FL – March 14th, 2013 – EmbroidMe has a history of supporting the Green movement year-round, but the approach of Earth Day offers a special opportunity to highlight EmbroidMe’s efforts. EmbroidMe shows its commitment to a sustainable environment by providing earth-friendly promotional products that are both practical and affordable. As organizations are looking for ways to go green or to promote their eco-events and programs, EmbroidMe is ready with products and ideas to help.

    One of the ways EmbroidMe helps its promotional partners care for the planet is by offering a selection of more than 8,000 environmentally friendly promotional products. You can choose from a wide variety of eco-conscious items made from materials like bamboo, corn derivatives and recycled paper and plastic. Just let an on-site specialist know that you want to take the environment into consideration when making your selections, and he or she will help you choose eco-intelligent products.

    Some of EmbroidMe’s earth-friendly products are green in more ways than one. A reusable tote bag is always a good way to avoid using wasteful products like plastic shopping bags, but when the tote bag is made from recycled material it is doubly beneficial to the environment. And if you really want to maximize that bag’s potential, personalize it with your own logo and a pro-environment message. You’re discouraging waste, your brand is gaining impressions, and you’re promoting an important cause.

    “EmbroidMe takes environmental stewardship very seriously,” said an Embroidme Representative.  “We know that going green is a much more feasible goal when it is inexpensive and easy to do, and that is why we are especially proud that we are able to provide easy and affordable solutions to our promotional partners who want to go green.”

    About EmbroidMe

    With hundreds of Resource Centers around the world, EmbroidMe is the most comprehensive source for promotional apparel, premiums, and advertising specialties, providing its promotional partners with full-service custom embroidery and screen printing for apparel.  For more information about environmentally friendly promotional products, and to view this and additional releases, visit the EmbroidMe News & Press Release section of  EmbroidMe’s on-site specialists are ready to provide you with first-class service and products of the highest quality; just click EmbroidMe Locations to find the Resource Center nearest you.

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  • EmbroidMe Customizes Promotional Products for Trade Show Giveaways

    West Palm Beach, FL – February 28th, 2013 – EmbroidMe makes the best part of a trade show even better with customized promotional products. People attend trade shows for different reasons—some to stay on the cutting edge of their industry and others to showcase their latest products—but most would agree that bringing home a bag full of giveaways is one of the best perks of attending any show.  With its extensive selection of customizable promotional products and an experienced and friendly team of on-site specialists, EmbroidMe is the solution for fulfilling all of your trade show giveaway needs.

    EmbroidMe carries hundreds of items, all of which can be personalized, including traditional trade show favorites like tote and messenger bags, desk accessories and travel mugs.  Even as modern favorites like flash drives and credit card protection sleeves gain popularity, classics like notepads and calendars are still very much in demand, and EmbroidMe makes it easy to personalize any of these items with your message or logo.  From golf shirts and t-shirts to key chains and lanyards, EmbroidMe has a wide variety of ideas for promotional products that will help your brand stand out at a trade show.

    “Trade show planners and business owners have come to depend on EmbroidMe because of the consistently excellent service, broad selection of quality promotional products and ease of ordering that are the hallmarks of the EmbroidMe shopping experience,” said an Embroidme Representative.  “With all the planning that goes into preparing for a trade show, our promotional partners appreciate the fact that they have EmbroidMe to help them make their task list not only shorter, but easier to accomplish, as well.”

    About EmbroidMe

    With hundreds of Resource Centers around the world, EmbroidMe is the most comprehensive source for promotional apparel, premiums, and advertising specialties, providing its promotional partners with full-service custom embroidery and screen printing for apparel.  For more information about trade show giveaways, and to view this and additional releases, visit the EmbroidMe News & Press Release section of  EmbroidMe’s on-site specialists are ready to provide you with first-class service and products of the highest quality; just click EmbroidMe Locations to find the Resource Center nearest you.

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  • Finding the right hanger for you and your clothes

    Finding the right hanger for you and your clothes.  Today you hangers can just be as an important as your clothes. There nothing more frustrating than having purchased a garment of price to then have it damaged by the hanger it rests on.  Here's quick summary of the different hanger you can buy before  purchasing new clothing:


    Wire hangers will be the most affordable kind of hanger and therefore are usually utilized by dry cleaners and professional laundries as a result. However they are the least suitable hanger for your clothing. Wire hangers are thin and can fold beneath the weight of clothes. Their sharpened shape will leave markings on the areas where the clothes hung, that can be hard to remove.Wire hangers needs to be as little as possible to prevent damage to your clothing.

    Tubular Plastic

    Tubular plastic hangers are low-cost and ideal for lighter clothing. You will discover them with notched shoulders which are suitable for clothes with thin or wide-set straps. Another advantage of plastic is that it is not going to rust or discoloration your clothing. These hangers are not made for heavier garments and will lead to shoulder protrusions because of their straight design. Some types have plastic clips on the lower bar that can hold lightweight skirts or slacks.

    Molded Plastic

    Molded plastic hangers can be quite lightweight, affordable hangers or they can be strong, well-shaped hangers for suits and jackets. If you're able to effortlessly break off any part of the hanger, it is only for light-weight garments and short-term use. There are effectively made weighty plastic hangers with a wire hook that can work for a long time. These have broad, curved shoulders and won't cause hanger markers on garments. Some kinds provide bars for hanging pants or clips to hold {skirts.

    Fabric Padded

    Padded hangers are great for lingerie, light clothing. Usually embellished with silk or any other smooth material, they protect against snags. Many cushioned hangers have buttons attached on close to the edges to avoid the straps from sliding off. The style of the hangers is not appropriate for weighty clothing and will result in shoulder bumps. They are not made to hold pants or skirts.

    Some padded hangers also work as sachets for the closet, often stuffed with lavender. You'll usually see artistically hand-made padded hangers at craft shows.


    Wood hangers are perfect for suits, overcoats and heavy clothing. They are strong and will maintain their frame and form holding the heaviest items of clothing. Wood hangers also provide greater protection for garments because of their design. The form stops clothes from being hung too tightly together. By letting air flow and less abrasion amongst the clothing, your garments will last for a longer period of time. Wood hangers tend to be made from cherry or walnut wood.

    Wooden hangers are available in numerous designs with or without bars for pants and clips to grip skirts.


    Cedar hangers are ideal if you enjoy the fragrance. Cedar will repel moths as well as their larvae that could harm all your clothing. In contrast to other wooden hangers, cedar hangers do not have a layer of varnish allowing the natural wood to soak up moisture content preventing mold spores and to freshen your garments. If cedar hangers begin to lose their usefulness through the years of use, then sand them gently for further use. They will be rejuvenated and smell the same as if they were just purchased.

  • New EmbroidMe Ownership in Holyoke

    HOLYOKE, Mass. (February 26, 2013) – EmbroidMe, the world’s largest embroidery franchise, announces a new owner for its Holyoke store at 98 Lower Westfield Rd., under the ownership of local resident Dr. Ned Barowsky.

    Barowsky has founded or owned a number of small businesses through his career, including Valley Chiropractic and Rehab, Great Clips Holyoke, Barowsky Real Estate Inc., and Internet Community Concepts. He currently owns the Pier 1 Plaza, which is where the new EmbroidMe store is located.

    “Discovering EmbroidMe seemed appropriate as I was looking to start another business in the Pier 1 shopping center that I own,” says Barowsky. “Our EmbroidMe store will be available to help local businesses, schools, athletic teams, non-profit organizations, and health care facilities with their custom apparel needs and promotional products.”

    The EmbroidMe of Holyoke store will be open Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and by appointment on Saturday.

    With nearly 400 retail locations, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen-printing for apparel, as well as promotional products. We service both the private, commercial, and non-profit segments of the local community.

    For more information on EmbroidMe of Holyoke, contact Dr. Ned Barowsky at 413-650-0823. For franchising information, please call (800)727-6720 or visit EmbroidMe Holyoke.


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  • United Franchise Group Introduces New Financing Option

    New Rex Agreement allows franchisees to turn home equity into business equity

    West Palm Beach, FL (February 25, 2013) – The United Franchise Group (UFG), the global leader for entrepreneurs, announced today an agreement with FirstREX to make FirstREX’s home equity-based business funding available to current and future franchisees. This innovative product, the REX Agreement, allows homeowners to convert a portion of their home equity to cash to invest in a business without additional debt.

    “The REX Agreement fills an important niche in franchise financing, and will be a significant addition to the variety of financing options we currently offer” said Ray Titus, CEO of United Franchise Group. “Prospective and existing franchisees who have significant home equity now have a way to convert some of that asset into an investment in their business without interest or payments.” “Often franchisees use a combination of funding strategies to obtain financing, including loans, leases and lines of credit. The REX Agreement can help prospective franchisees obtain the initial owner equity that lenders require for them to get into their own business.” says Titus.

    Under a REX Agreement, FirstREX will make an equity investment in an individual residential property. The company will pay the homeowner up to 12.5% of the value of the home. There is no interest and the homeowner makes no monthly payments to FirstREX. Instead, the company earns a return on its investment when the home is eventually sold, up to 30 years in the future. If the home has increased in value, the company earns a profit. If the home has decreased in value, FirstREX typically shares the loss.

    “We are delighted to be working with UFG to bring the REX Agreement to franchisees,” says James Riccitelli, Co-CEO of FirstREX. “Many potential franchisees and existing franchisees have limited access to capital but possess considerable home equity. Our solution makes that asset available for business investment - in essence turning home equity into business equity,” says Riccitelli.

    About the United Franchise Group (UFG)
    The United Franchise Group is the Global Leader for Entrepreneurs, consisting of a number of award-winning business-to-business brands and franchise development services including some of the world’s largest industry-leading names. The experts at UFG have used their over 25 years of franchising experience to grow the franchising giant into a $500 million dollar success story with approximately 1,400 franchise locations in 50 countries. The company includes franchise industry giants SIGNARAMA, the world’s largest sign franchise; EmbroidMe, the world’s largest embroidery franchise; IZON Global Media/Billboard Connection, an incredibly successful out-of-home advertising franchise; Transworld Business Advisors, for people to research business opportunities before investing, Plan Ahead Events, a home-based corporate event planning franchise and SuperGreen Solutions, a premium one-stop retail location for energy efficient products. Information on franchising opportunities is available at 561-640-5570 or the web at

    About FirstREX
    Founded in 2004, FirstREX provides homeowners and home buyers with smart new financing alternatives to home equity loans and mortgages. Neither a lender nor a bank, FirstREX makes long term investments in individual residential properties through two highly innovative consumer equity sharing products, REX HomeBuyer, which helps people purchase homes, and the REX Agreement, which allows current homeowners to tap their home equity without interest or monthly payments. FirstREX’s consumer solutions have earned national recognition from prominent newspapers and magazines including the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and the New York Times. More information is available at


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  • Custom Embroidery from EmbroidMe Puts Your Logo on Shirts, Hats and Apparel

    West Palm Beach, FL – February 14, 2013
    – After more than a decade of providing superior service and high-quality promotional products, EmbroidMe has established itself as the largest promotional products franchise that offers local in-house customization services. EmbroidMe excels at making it convenient and affordable to put your logo on shirts, hats, and apparel. When promotional partners turn to EmbroidMe to outfit their groups and keep them looking sharp and professional, the only challenge they face is choosing from all the available options.

    Business owners and sports teams have come to rely on EmbroidMe as an extension of their own in-house marketing departments. The on-site specialists at your local EmbroidMe Resource Center are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, and they are experts at helping you design your custom apparel. You can also take design matters into your own hands with EmbroidMe’s online Apparel Design Studio. There you can select an item and customize it by either uploading your own logo or choosing from EmbroidMe’s library of images. You can add text, choose colors, and sizes, and use your own personal touch to create unique designs.

    EmbriodMe’s wide selection of customizable apparel isn’t limited to just shirts, hats, and jackets; there is also a surprising variety of uniforms and accessories, such as messenger bags, backpacks and totes. With such a broad array of apparel and a varied choice of colors, materials, and styles to choose from, EmbroidMe truly has something for everyone.

    “EmbroidMe has built its reputation upon helping our promotional partners build their reputations,” said an Embroidme Representative. “We know how important it is for you to look professional, and we are here to help.”

    About EmbroidMe

    With hundreds of Resource Centers around the world, EmbroidMe is the most comprehensive source for promotional apparel, premiums, and advertising specialties, providing its promotional partners with full-service custom embroidery and screen printing for apparel.  For more information about getting your logo on a variety of apparel, and to view this and additional releases, visit the EmbroidMe News & Press Release section of  EmbroidMe’s on-site specialists are ready to provide you with first-class service and products of the highest quality; just click EmbroidMe Locations to find the Resource Center nearest you.

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  • Tips on how to avoid colors fading when washing

    I like bright, solid colors in clothes and garments. Solid colors look great on garments until they fade. A vibrant red shirt that you really like can easily become a shirt you dislike when it loses its original color.  Here are some tips to help prevent discoloration on some of your favorite garments:

    1. Look at the care label
    It requires a couple of seconds, but looking at care labels might spare you from much distress whenever your clothes go through the washing machine. Reading the washing directions, like hand wash only in cold water, might save the garment of choice from color loss. Nothing is worse than having a new garment ruined or damaged within just a couple of weeks of purchase.  Remember to also to read the drying instructions. The label should explain what to do.

    2. Separate your wash into darks, whites, and colors
    This seems obvious, but be sure to separate your clothing into darks, whites and colors. Anyone who has mistakenly put in one brightly colored piece of clothing with a whole load of whites knows the distress of seeing the whites come out of the wash in a new shade of pink. To avoid having the discoloration of whites, keep those darks and colors separate. Never be tempted for the sake time to put it all in one load, even if you are just washing a few items.

    3. Turn clothing inside out
    Much of the discoloration of clothing can be avoided by turning your clothing inside out prior to placing them into your washer or dryer. Washing and drying can be a little rough on your clothing, so by reversing the garments you will decrease the possibility of pilling that can fade the color of the fabric. Also, if you dry your clothes under natural sunshine, be sure to keep them inside out. Prolonged exposure to the sun when drying can increase the chance of color loss.

    4. Don't put too many garments in the washer at once
    This seems to be inconvenient, especially when you are washing a big load, but you have to keep in mind that if you have too many clothes in the washer then the clothes in center of the tumbler will not get the same amount of detergent as the outer garments will. This can result in some clothing not being fully cleaned and other garments receiving too much detergent; both can be bad for the clothes, so resist the temptation to do too many at once.  It is better to spend the extra time then to damage your clothes.

    5. Wash in cold water
    Even though modern detergent has come a long way and is now suitable for washing colored clothing in hot water, it is still better to be on the safe side and wash your colors in cold water.

    6. Don't leave in the dryer on too long
    Even though no one enjoys wearing damp clothes, over drying will result in the fading of the colored garments. Set your dryer to the minimum amount of time necessary to dry your clothes and don't leave them in the dryer after the time is up. Ideally you should be taking your clothes out of the dryer while they are still a little damp.

    7. Add vinegar
    Vinegar is obviously not designed for clothes and often can initially give off an unattractive odor, but including a cup of vinegar in your wash will make your fabric softer and will also help reduce the risk of discoloration. Also, don’t worry about the vinegar giving off a lasting odor; the smell will not be there after the wash.

    8. Use the soft cycle or a softer detergent
    Should you still be worried about fading and discoloration, put your clothes in a lighter spin cycle with a detergent that is labeled as beneficial for colored clothing.

  • Is the classic look the wave of the future?

    Is the classic look in clothing making a resurgence in the modern world of fashion?  It has been interesting to note that over the past couple of years there has been a subtle reintroduction of the classic look.  The classic look has always had its place in culture because of it timelessness or the sense of history it gives to a society quickly moving towards pure individualism and postmodernism.  The individualistic element in western society today has caused many fashions norms to fragment and splinter.  What I mean by this is that there seem to be negative underlying side effects occurring in our culture today as a consequence of individual expression; that is the erosion of corporate unity and societal homogeneity.

    In previous decades it was very easy to see widespread trends dominate a society. For example, in the 1970s lapel shirts with flared pants and long hair were normative for most men.  In the 1980s it was the mullet hair cut and thin ties, and colorful suits were seen as must-haves.  No one in their right mind in the 80s would have worn a big, chunky tie with flared pants, unless of course it was for a comedic effect.  Likewise in the 90s, although not as universal, you did have the introduction of grunge, which resulted in a slammed door on the 80s.  So, within a space of 10 years it was easy to renounce the fashion of the previous decade even to the point of ridicule.  However, with the new millennium we have not seen such a sharp dichotomy from the 2000s to the 2010s.  I think this is largely due to the pervasive nature of individualism.  Now with so much choice available to us, it has become increasingly difficult to encapsulate a decade with a certain dress code.

    A good example of how this is the case would be the movie the wedding singer, released 1998.  When it was released I remember thinking that even though the movie exaggerated the fashion of the mid 80s, it was still a fair representation of that era.  The movie was automatically funny because it poked fun at the previous decade by rewinding the clock 13 years.  Now, if you were to make a similar movie today on the same premise you would have to rewind the clock back to 2000.  Now would there be the immediate sense of embarrassment?  Yes, there would be a couple of things that would make you smile – like theY2K scare or the introduction of smartphones or social networks such as Facebook, but when it comes to fashion there really wasn’t this pervasive universal fashion trend that is now easily mocked and cringed over! Why is this? What threshold did we cross over at the turn of the new millennium? I think it goes back to individualism and the actualization of choice that has saturated our culture over the past 20 years.

    This of course is a good thing from a consumer’s stand point.  With everyone now being able to log on to the internet, coupled with the rapid increase of communication, it has allowed people to construct their own individual world more, to the point they can easily personalize their clothes with custom embroidery and screen printing services.  This is of course, like I said, is for the most part a good thing for the individual, but there have been some causalities along the way.  One such causality is the lost of uniformity in our culture, which is now even seen in the fashion world.  However, we are not left completely without any consistent fashion trends, and the best one we have is the classic look.  With the success of recent shows such as Downton Abbey and time period movies such as Sherlock Holmes, A Game of Shadows It seems the closest we might have to a fashion norm is a transitional look, which is “classic meets modern.”  Regardless of individual taste, there will always room for a modernized classic look, and maybe this will become the most recognizable style of this decade.  I guess we'll have to wait until the 20s to find out!

  • Top 5 Runway Trends to Try Today

    The runway isn't all about impractical feather dresses and silly hats nobody would ever actually wear. In fact, some of the trends are quite wearable - at least, if you scale them down for everyday life. With a new year comes new trends, and this year's are particularly fun. If you're fashion-minded but don't know how to bring clothes from the runway to the sidewalk, here are a few trends making waves in 2013, along with some advice on how to make them wearable:

    1. Colorful metallics. Sayonara, silver and gold! 2013's metallics are bright and bold. Think the colors of the season, but in metallic form. Of course, tossing on a metallic mini dress or a pair of jeans can be a bit much for your day-to-day life. Instead, look for custom embroidery on skirts and shirts in eye-catching and colorful metallics.
    2. Layered custom embroidery. Chanel brought an otherworldly look to the runways for Spring 2013. The sheer panels bedecked with embroidery printing gave a lush, layered look to otherwise-basic silhouettes. This dreamy-yet-lush look is easy to replicate with sheer layers and a bit of custom embroidery.
    3. Monochrome madness. While color blocking is still wearable, monochrome looks could be your best bet this spring. Think white-on-white screen printing and embroidery. It gives your monochrome outfit an interesting texture while still keeping the chic styling of a single-color look.
    4. Upscale casual. Don't put away your pencil skirts just yet. Spring 2013 takes some of last year's polish and ruffles it up a bit. Rather than primly-pressed skirts and shirts, this spring's fashion is all about adding a bit of mess and personality. Get that perfectly imperfect look with slightly off-kilter custom embroidery.
    5. Unique patterns and prints. From checkerboards to bees, unique and bold patterns are popping up everywhere. This is where embroidery printing really shines, since you can use the technique to add your own unique flair to any garment. Pair your quirky prints with solids in various colors to ensure that your outfit doesn't fly off the rails into Crazy Town.

    This spring's runway trends may seem unwearable, when it fact, it merely takes a bit of creative adaptation and imagination to make them work. Toning down a trend with solid colors and basic pieces is a great way to bring a bit of the runway with you everywhere you go.

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