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  • Conquer Spring Cleaning with Custom Organizing Tools

    After the cold winter months have finally passed, a thorough spring cleaning is in order. Not only do our homes need seasonal refreshing, but our offices and workspace can use some attention too. Using organization supplies such as portfolios and stationary storage kits will keep business operations running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This season, streamline your business with custom organizing supplies to maximize your team's productivity. Continue reading

  • Promotional Products on a Budget

    We all love a freebie every now and then, and promotional products from businesses and organizations make an effective statement that lasts in the hands of customers. Promotional products can be a unique way to connect with customers while increasing brand awareness at a fraction of the cost of other marketing tactics. In fact, there is an array of creative and engaging promotional products that can be tailored to your company while still staying within your budget. Here are some promotional products that allow you to allocate your budget into products that provide the best return on your investment. Continue reading

  • Promotional Products Stand the Test of Time

    The Longevity of Promotional Products

    Not only do businesses and other organizations love promotional products because of their cost-effectiveness, but consumers love them too. How much, exactly? Enough to keep certain items for up to a year! Promotional products have proven to be long-lasting forms of advertising for brands, as well as useful items for consumers. Continue reading

  • The Marketing Secrets of Successful Civic Organizations

    Back in 2014, a "viral" phenomenon swept social media and left millions of participants soaking wet.

    We're talking, of course, about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

    Designed to promote the awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also known as "Lou Gherig's Disease"), this simple challenge involved dumping a bucket of ice on your head and challenging a friend to do the same. You could also choose to "forfeit by way of charitable donation." Continue reading

  • Perfect Pet Products for Your Next Promotion

    Man's best friend just might be your brand's best promotional platform.

    After all, pet owners love their animals and treat them just like family (sometimes even better). According to the American Pet Products Association, we spent approximately $58.5 billion on our furry friends in 2014. Continue reading

  • Top 4 Fitness Giveaways for 2017

    'Tis the season for New Year's Resolutions-which means up to 30% of Americans will be making some kind of commitment to losing weight.

    Thanks to CrossFit and a variety of exciting new exercise trend, the New Year's crowd will be joining a much larger trend towards health and fitness in 2017.

    Regardless of your brand or industry, fitness giveaways can be a home run that communicate a more health-minded, conscientious and forward-thinking brand image. So today we're going to look at three of the most popular giveaway products-and how you can implement them for your business ... Continue reading

  • New Year Fitness Helpers

    New Year Fitness Helper
  • Top Tradeshow Giveaways 2017

    Top Tradeshow Giveaways 2017
  • Custom holiday gifts | EmbroidMe

    Get Your Custom Holiday Gifts at EmbroidMe

    When it comes to gift giving, we want our gifts to come across as thoughtful, tasteful and creative. However, sometimes we end up overwhelmed and the "art" of gift giving becomes stressful. We give gifts to our family and friends every year, yet we forget about the workplace where we spend a third of our lives. Gift giving in the workplace is about showing appreciation and gratitude to those who work closest to us. It shows our coworkers that they are valued as individuals and are recognized for their performance and achievements throughout the year. Though gift giving is always appreciated, custom gifts are recognized as even more personal and thoughtful. Business owners and sales representatives can strengthen relationships and encourage repeat business with gifts for their current clients as well.

    Give a Custom Gift for the Holidays

    EmbroidMe gives businesses and individuals a unique and exciting way to create custom gifts that will last long after the holiday season is over. We offer thousands of different promotional items, such as apparel, bags, pens, coffee mugs and desk accessories. Nothing says "I thought of you this holiday season" like a custom gift. If you really want to get creative with your gifts, you can bring in your own items to be engraved or embroidered. This is perfect for items like plaques, golf bags, briefcases and even baby blankets. Whether you are looking for a gift idea that is practical, elegant or whimsical, EmbroidMe has just the thing to keep your brand top of mind all year long.

    Custom Gifts Come Straight from the Heart

    At EmbroidMe, we believe that customized gifts are the best gifts to give. They are truly thoughtful and will be appreciated for years to come. So don't let the stress of the holiday season get you down when it comes to picking the right gifts for everyone in your professional life. Make sure to get everyone checked off of your shopping list this holiday season with customized gifts that will last a lifetime.

  • 6 Promotional Items Kids Will Love | EmbroidMe

    6 Promotional Items Kids Will Love

    Is your marketing campaign neglecting the younger generations? Promotional products offer one of the most cost-efficient ways to create brand awareness and grow your business or organization. With such a low cost per impression, promotional items provide one of the best returns on investment compared to other marketing strategies. Promotional products range from office supplies, such as pens and USB drives, to shopping bags and drinkware products. However, if your campaign is in need of child-friendly products that add a new energy to your brand's image, EmbroidMe offers a variety of promotional items for kids that will create a fun marketing option for family events such as festivals or fairs and even tradeshows.

    Custom Toys

    Christmas is coming, but custom toys are sure to be appreciated by kids any time of year. From toy cars to slinkies, puzzles, bubbles, water guns, stuffed animals and classic wind-up toys, your options for custom toys that appeal to kids are endless. Show your customers that you not only value their loyalty, but their entire family, as well.

    Custom Balloons

    Custom balloons are a great promotional item for kids because they appeal to children of all ages. Give away balloons that are already blown up so kids can carry them around the event. Custom balloons can effectively send positive and uplifting messages while your brand gets noticed at any type of occasion. Consumers will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind balloons customized with your logo or branding.

    Custom Coloring Books

    If you're looking for promotional items for kids that also teach them positive values and lessons, consider using custom coloring books in your marketing campaign. Introduce the importance of recycling, eating healthy and dealing with bullying all while kids are utilizing their creativity and imaginations.

    Custom Crayons

    What goes with coloring books better than crayons? Custom crayons can be paired with custom coloring books or they can be given out as their own promotional item. This is a great promotional item for kids at school, daycares, hospitals, doctor's offices, restaurants and banks.

    Custom Toy Balls

    Toy balls are great promotional items for kids of all ages. Whether you're giving away foam toy balls safe for young children, or official size sports balls for older kids, your brand will convey a fun and energetic image while increasing brand awareness among consumers. Custom toy balls are a great option for any marketing event.

    Custom Rubber Duckies

    Custom rubber duckies can be customized to showcase any brand or logo, and are a unique handout for virtually any business or organization that is sure to be a hit with kids. EmbroidMe, for example, has rubber duckies in a variety of different themes, such as construction, dental, graduation, sports and many more.

    EmbroidMe is Your Go-To for Promotional Items for Kids

    As the leader in promotional products and embroidery, EmbroidMe has kid-friendly promotional products that will fit with into the marketing strategy of any type of business or organization. You can find one of our resource centers by visiting our homepage or calling 1-877-877-0234. With over 300 resource centers worldwide, there is bound to be one near you. Find your local resource center and stop in to see samples of some of our high quality products today.

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