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  • Reward Your Customers with Loyalty Perks

    Studies show it costs a lot more money to gain a new customer versus retaining an existing one. Along with a marketing plan to get more customers in your doors, you should also integrate a loyalty perks program that rewards and encourages longer lasting relationships with your current customers. From airlines to restaurants, clothing brands and everywhere in between, companies across many industries are finding value in offering customer loyalty perks. EmbroidMe explains some of the motivating factors as to why your company would greatly benefit from investing in a customer loyalty perks program. Continue reading

  • The Top Ten Promotional Products for Almost Any Brand

    Top Ten Promotional Products for Today’s Consumer

    Promotional products make up a $20 billion a year industry, proving that they are a top choice for brands looking to extend their reach. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming for businesses and organizations to decide on the perfect promotional items to market their brands. Below is a list of the top ten promotional products for just about any brand in today’s marketplace. Continue reading

  • Starting and Succeeding in the T-Shirt Business

    The classic t-shirt is a staple in the closets of men, women and children across the globe. Many entrepreneurs looking for their next endeavor consider starting a t-shirt business because it can be inexpensive to start with a high return on investment. Starting a t-shirt business not only requires great business skills, but also a high level of creativity and dedication. Here are some tips from EmbroidMe if you are thinking of starting your own t-shirt business. Continue reading

  • Prepare for Tradeshow Season with Tradeshow Ideas from EmbroidMe

    Inspiration and Tips for the Upcoming Tradeshow Season

    Unique products and a creative booth are what make your organization stand out during tradeshow season. With so many other businesses and organizations at the tradeshow, you want to make sure you differentiate your booth from the countless others. This means staying on top of industry trends and creative promotional marketing tactics. Below are some ideas that you can use to make this tradeshow season the best one yet for your organization. Continue reading

  • Back to School Already? How to Prepare with Custom School Items

    Back to School Means Showing Your School’s Pride

    After a summer break that often feels like it has flown by, it can be difficult to get your students into the spirit of going back to school. Customized items and apparel can help your school get ready for the back to school season and show school spirit all year long. Start the next school year off right with customized promotional products and branded apparel that will make all the difference. Below are some ways to make your school stand out, and get students and staff pumped up to go back to school. Continue reading

  • Embroidery Vs. Screen Printing | EmbroidMe on Choosing the Best Option

    If your company is looking to achieve a sophisticated and sleek brand image with custom apparel, EmbroidMe offers customers a choice of embroidery or screen printing. Choosing between embroidery and screen printing for specific promotional pieces and custom apparel requires a knowledgeable specialist. Here are the differences of embroidery versus screen printing and some insight on when to use one service over the other. Continue reading

  • Mid-Year Check to Stay on Track with your Marketing Goals

    With the first quarter in the books, it’s the perfect time to check your progress and see if you are on track to achieve your marketing goals for the year. Take the opportunity to review your sales and marketing metrics and strategize ways to boost your efforts for a strong year-end finish. Here are some tips to help evaluate your progress and reach your marketing goals.  Continue reading

  • Store Spotlight: EmbroidMe Wausau helps unite community after tragedy

    On March 22, 2017 the small town of Rothschild, Wisconsin suffered devastation as a shooting took the lives of four people.  The victims were two local bank employees, an attorney and a police detective.

    While most of the community was still in shock, the local EmbroidMe owner Mike and Becky Besaw and their team quickly jumped into action and created 1,000 #CentralWisconsinStrong bracelets and stickers.  They sold the items at their store for only $5 each, with all the money going to the victims’ families.  EmbroidMe of Wausau and Goin Postal covered the expense of producing the bracelets and stickers to ensure all the money would go to the cause.  Continue reading

  • Custom Head Gear Perfect for Spring and Summer

    Spring and Summer-Friendly Custom Head Gear

    Looking for something to add to your spring and summer marketing campaigns? Custom head gear is a unique promotional item that can make your brand top-of-mind with consumers. Custom hats, baseball caps and visors will not only be appreciated, but you can be sure that your customers will put them to use, providing your brand with virtually unlimited exposure in a cost-efficient way. Below are some examples of how you can use custom head gear to promote your brand. Continue reading

  • Celebrate Company Milestones with Memorable Giveaways

    How to Use Custom Giveaways for Company Milestones

    Company milestones give your business an opportunity to be recognized, not only by your employees, but by your customers, clients and vendors, as well. Use this opportunity to create a unique branding strategy by celebrating your anniversary or milestone with custom giveaways. Company milestones are most meaningful to those closely associated with your company, but you can also make them just as meaningful for everyone else by marking the event with creative custom giveaways. Below are fun and memorable ways to incorporate custom giveaways into company milestones. Continue reading

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