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  • Stay Ahead of the Game with Mobile Device Promotional Products

    The technology industry is always one step ahead of the game. Mobile and technology devices are a staple of modern everyday life and relevant to everyone. This makes these mobile items especially useful to marketers. In the promotional products industry, many businesses brand trending mobile devices because they are often a hit with consumers. EmbroidMe spotlights some of the technology industry’s trending mobile device promotional products that can boost brand awareness. Continue reading

  • 5 College Promotional Products Students Will Love | EmbroidMe

    Support Students with College Promotional Products

    Summer is the perfect time to prepare your college’s promotional marketing campaign for the upcoming school year. Support your students while increasing school spirit and brand exposure with college promotional products that students need and will appreciate. Students spend a lot of time and money on your school, so be sure to return the favor with these five college promotional products that will communicate your brand message and create positive impressions. Continue reading

  • Top 5 Promotional Products that will Help Beat the Summer Heat

    Everyone loves the summertime – longer days, no more school and lots of outdoor activities to see and do.  But sometimes the extreme summer heat can make it hard to enjoy the outdoors. EmbroidMe came up with the top promotional items that will help you and your clients beat the summer heat.   Continue reading

  • Store Spotlight: EmbroidMe of Canton helps raise money for local veterans

    EmbroidMe of Canton Helps Raise Money for Veterans

    For the second year in a row, EmbroidMe of Canton has helped raise money for SAVE22’s Annual Veterans Hike by creating and selling customized event apparel. SAVE22 apparel was available for purchase online with the proceeds going towards the veteran’s organization. The apparel generated $4,000 for the event. Continue reading

  • Drive Business with a Christmas in July Promotion

    For those in the southern hemisphere, Christmas in July is as close as they can get to a winter-time holiday since the seasons are reversed. While this is an opportunity for people to experience a traditional white Christmas, businesses in the northern hemisphere have jumped on the band wagon as a chance to promote sales. Since there are no major holidays during this time, why not use this opportunity to advance your marketing strategy and unite with customers by running a Christmas in July promotion? All types of businesses can profit from holiday marketing promotions because they give customers another reason to buy. In the spirit of giving, here are some reasons why your business should take advantage of a Christmas in July promotion this summer. Continue reading

  • 5 Tips for Creating a Logo Design That Will Grow with Your Company

    Creating a logo design that stands the test of time is one of the most crucial elements of your brand. A strong logo that is easy to understand and recognize will greatly help in your branding strategy. Before putting pen to paper, consider these five tips for creating a logo design that will grow with your company. Continue reading

  • History of Promotional Products and How They Began

    The History of Promotional Products Goes Way Back

    When you see a branded t-shirt or a pen with a brand’s name on it, you probably don’t think about why they exist or where they came from, but rather the brand itself. This is why promotional products are such an effective marketing tool, and in fact, have been for hundreds of years. The history of promotional products dates almost as far back as the beginning of the United States. Read on to learn more about the history of promotional products and how it got to be the $20 billion a year industry that it is today. Continue reading

  • Reward Your Customers with Loyalty Perks

    Studies show it costs a lot more money to gain a new customer versus retaining an existing one. Along with a marketing plan to get more customers in your doors, you should also integrate a loyalty perks program that rewards and encourages longer lasting relationships with your current customers. From airlines to restaurants, clothing brands and everywhere in between, companies across many industries are finding value in offering customer loyalty perks. EmbroidMe explains some of the motivating factors as to why your company would greatly benefit from investing in a customer loyalty perks program. Continue reading

  • The Top Ten Promotional Products for Almost Any Brand

    Top Ten Promotional Products for Today’s Consumer

    Promotional products make up a $20 billion a year industry, proving that they are a top choice for brands looking to extend their reach. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming for businesses and organizations to decide on the perfect promotional items to market their brands. Below is a list of the top ten promotional products for just about any brand in today’s marketplace. Continue reading

  • Starting and Succeeding in the T-Shirt Business

    The classic t-shirt is a staple in the closets of men, women and children across the globe. Many entrepreneurs looking for their next endeavor consider starting a t-shirt business because it can be inexpensive to start with a high return on investment. Starting a t-shirt business not only requires great business skills, but also a high level of creativity and dedication. Here are some tips from EmbroidMe if you are thinking of starting your own t-shirt business. Continue reading

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