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  • Indy Honor Flight wins EmbroidMe’s “Pay it Forward” Contest

    Indy Honor Flight wins Promotional Products in “Pay it Forward Contest”

    Indy Honor Flight is a nonprofit organization that transports Indiana’s veterans to Washington, D.C. for a one-day trip to visit memorials that honor their sacrifices. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is made possible entirely by donations and is of no cost to WWII, Korea and Vietnam veterans. To date 2,5 flights have brought more than 2,000 veterans to the nation’s capital to honor their service. Continue reading

  • Help Spread the Word During American Heart Month

    Help Spread the Word During American Heart Month

    Not only does February mark Valentine’s Day, but it is also national American Heart Month. There are many ways to raise awareness about heart disease prevention throughout American Heart Month that can inspire heart-healthy goals that will last a lifetime. Your organization can start promoting heart health awareness by spreading American Heart Month promotional products throughout your community, clients and friends. Heart Month promotional products can help inspire healthy lifestyle changes and allow you to express your care and concern for others’ health and wellness. Here are some promotional products that can help make a difference and keep the conversation going about the importance of heart health. Continue reading

  • 12-Month Promotional Products Checklist

    12-Month Promotional Products Checklist

    Prepare your marketing and promotional products campaign well in advance to take full advantage of holidays and seasonal opportunities year round. Creating a checklist for executing your promotional products strategy will organize your operations by helping your staff prepare for events, make orders and stick to a schedule. Below, we offer a 12-month guide with tips on incorporating annual events into your promotional products campaign. Continue reading

  • Express Yourself with that Perfect Coffee Mug

    What was once overlooked as just a beverage container has now evolved into a creative outlet for expressing who we are or what our brand represents. Coffee mugs present an opportunity for creative expression with a drink container that appeals to everyone. They are a staple in almost every environment, whether at home or in the workplace, and help people start their day. Utilizing coffee mugs in your company or organization’s promotional products campaign is a chance to gain great exposure with a high-use item that will grant your brand countless impressions. Here are some ways you can design and incorporate custom coffee mugs into your promotional products campaign. Continue reading

  • Fitness Promotional Products Every Health Center Needs

    Fitness Promotional Products Every Health Center Needs

    Losing weight and getting healthy are goals found at the top of most people’s lists of New Year resolutions. Consequently, fitness center memberships tend to spike around January 1st and you need to make sure your gym is doing everything possible to encourage a healthy lifestyle for current and prospective members. As a fitness center or health coach, you want to make sure you’re ready to make any new member a happy and loyal ambassador of your services. Offering or selling customized fitness promotional products offers an avenue for gaining the attention of your community while instilling pride in members and keep them coming back for their workouts. To get your fitness center ready for an influx of resolution-seeking clients and increase memberships in the long term, customize these fitness promotional products below for your own brand. Continue reading

  • Restaurant Promotional Items Every Restaurant Needs | EmbroidMe

    Top Restaurant Promotional Items

    A customer’s first impression of your restaurant begins when they walk through your doors, before they even get a glimpse of the menu or taste the food. Restaurant promotional items can help ensure your customers have a positive impression of your business. Whether they are products that customers can take home or ones that stay in your restaurant, promotional products can help convey your restaurant’s personality and provide customers with a memorable experience. Below are some examples of restaurant promotional items that every restaurant needs. Continue reading

  • 6 Benefits of Branded Employee Uniforms

    The simplest way to put your company’s best face forward is to outfit your team in professional attire that sends the right message. Custom employee uniforms show your customers how serious you are about your products and services and act as an extension of your marketing campaign. There are many ways in which instituting an employee uniform policy will enhance your company’s image – here are our top six benefits of employee uniforms. Continue reading

  • Custom Lanyards for Your Business | EmbroidMe

    Showcase Your Brand with Custom Lanyards

    Custom lanyards are a top promotional product choice for businesses of all sizes and types. Not only are they great products for both employees and current or prospective customers, they are also easily customizable items that allow you to boost brand recognition and awareness. Lanyards are a functional item that fit into any promotional marketing campaign and can complement your brand’s identity. If you’re looking for ideas on how you can incorporate custom lanyards into your business promotions, here are some uses for lanyards that any business can implement. Continue reading

  • Real Estate Promotional Products to Build Your Brand

    In the highly competitive real estate industry, building a distinctive brand that will make you stand out from the crowd can be a challenge. However, creative and memorable promotional products can help build an agent’s image while keeping them top-of-mind for current and new house hunters. Real estate promotional products serve multiple purposes as closing gifts, handouts at open houses or as a thank you for referrals. Below are our top picks for real estate promotional products that give agents a leg up on the competition and help them be the name that house hunters remember.   Continue reading

  • Steer Your Brand to Easy Promotion with Automotive Promotional Products

    Businesses of all industries can capitalize on the branding power of automotive promotional products. Automotive promotional products drive brand awareness, as they can be essential to every driver and create impressions wherever your prospective customers may go. All business in the automotive industry, from used car dealers to luxury car sales and repair shops, can especially benefit from utilizing an array of promotional products in their marketing campaigns. These branded items can be your prospective customers’ constant companion through daily commutes or road trips, and they make for signature thank-you gifts after your clients have left the lot. Below are our top automotive promotional products you will want prospective customers to have when they hit the road. Continue reading

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