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  • Steer Your Brand to Easy Promotion with Automotive Promotional Products

    Businesses of all industries can capitalize on the branding power of automotive promotional products. Automotive promotional products drive brand awareness, as they can be essential to every driver and create impressions wherever your prospective customers may go. All business in the automotive industry, from used car dealers to luxury car sales and repair shops, can especially benefit from utilizing an array of promotional products in their marketing campaigns. These branded items can be your prospective customers’ constant companion through daily commutes or road trips, and they make for signature thank-you gifts after your clients have left the lot. Below are our top automotive promotional products you will want prospective customers to have when they hit the road. Continue reading

  • Promote Your Practice Through Healthcare Promotional Items

    Medical professionals, pharmaceutical representatives, hospitals and other healthcare industry businesses can grow their practice through healthcare promotional items. If you are looking to connect with patients, employees and fellow healthcare professionals in your field and enhance brand awareness, turn to promotional products as a springboard to grow your business.  Whether you choose to outfit your team in branded healthcare uniforms or stock up on promotional items for your next tradeshow, seminar or charity event, there are endless ways to promote your medical practice. Read below to see some healthcare promotional items you can customize today to enhance brand awareness. Continue reading

  • The Landing Bar & Grill wins EmbroidMe’s “Pay it Forward” Contest

    The Landing “Pays it Forward” to ECHO of Brandon

    The Landing Bar & Grill fundraises every holiday season for ECHO (Emergency Care Help Organization) of Brandon, Florida, a local non-profit whose mission is to end hunger in Southeastern Hillsborough County. One of the major events The Landing hosts for ECHO of Brandon is an Annual Christmas Party in which guests donate food, clothes and toys to help provide assistance to those families in crisis. The festive event also includes a bake sale and raffle to help raise much needed funds for ECHO. Continue reading

  • Why It's Important to Shop Small Businesses

    Make a Difference and Shop Small Businesses

    Whether it’s the misconception that prices are higher or there is less to choose from, many people are guilty of choosing big box stores over small businesses at one time or another. However, when you shop small businesses, you have the chance to make a difference and invest in your community. Small, locally-owned businesses are all around, but they often get overlooked. While they do see an increase in sales at certain times of the year, such as during the holidays and on Small Business Saturday, consumers need to support and shop small businesses year-round for the sake of their communities. Below are some reasons why it is important to shop small businesses and the benefits that can come from it. Continue reading

  • Implementing Event Marketing as a Business Strategy

    What is Event Marketing?

    Event marketing is the practice of putting on, or taking part in, any type of event that hosts social interaction and engagement. This can involve setting up conferences, giving presentations, participating in exhibitions, or engaging in workshops. The goal of all of these events is a common one: promotion! For any business, the number one goal of investing time and money into an event should be the overall promotion of that business’s product or service, as well as creating a space where customers and business owners can interact with one another. Continue reading

  • Gifts for Employees That Won’t Break the Bank this Holiday Season

    The holidays are right around the corner and in the spirit of giving, you can express appreciation of your employees through thoughtful custom gifts. However, finding unique and fitting gifts for employees can be quite a challenge, let alone trying to stay on budget. Here are some of our top gifts for employees that will show you care without breaking the bank this holiday season. Continue reading

  • Make a Lasting Impression with Custom Business Card Magnets

    Looking for a way to make your business card stand out? Make them magnetic! Custom business card magnets will leave a lasting impression for years to come. Whether a client puts it on their fridge or their file cabinet, your custom business card magnet will keep your brand top-of-mind. Your logo will receive repeat impressions and brand reinforcement, not only from your clients, but also from those around them.  Continue reading

  • Warm Up Your Brand with Winter Fitness Gear

    Winter Fitness Gear that Boosts Brand Awareness

    With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to start thinking about colder temperatures and delicious feasts. However, for the fitness-minded individuals, it’s also a time to start thinking about their workout regime and ways to combat the effects of the holidays and the winter season. This is the perfect time for your brand to embark on a promotional campaign that includes winter fitness gear. Custom winter fitness gear will make great holiday gifts or customer and employee appreciation gifts. Below are some fitness items that are perfect for winter and customizing to showcase your brand name or logo. Continue reading

  • Why Your Company Should Use Promotional Products | EmbroidMe Explains

    Should My Company Use Promotional Products?

    The answer to that question is always ‘yes!’ No matter what industry, budget or target audience, promotional products are proven to be one of the best business decisions a company can make. For pennies on the dollar compared to other forms of marketing, using promotional products offers tangible results by increasing customer loyalty and brand awareness. Below, EmbroidMe explains the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t overlook using promotional products in your marketing campaign. Continue reading

  • Help Your Team Overcome and Reduce Stress with Promotional Products

    Help Combat and Reduce Stress with Promotional Products

    The majority of adults around the world experience at least moderate stress regularly and require an outlet to relieve this stress. If overlooked, stress can be a major disturbance on one’s health and workplace productivity. As there are many different factors and triggers for stress, there are also many methods and tricks people can take to reduce stress. Take advantage of this promotional products opportunity by aligning your brand with items that help reduce stress. Your clients, employees and friends will be thanking you in return! Continue reading

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