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Expo Award Winners 2009 World Expo

Congratulations to Our Award Winning Franchisees

Expo Award Winners 2009 World Expo

Hall of Fame

Brian & Jill Dawson - Roseville, MN
Roch & Leslie Lalande - Ottowa, Ontario, Canada
Russell & Wendy Hearnden & Kevin Lackey - Malaga, WA, UA
Scott & Diane Pawenski - Poughkeepsie, NY
Walter Miska - Chelmsford, MA

Millionaire’s Club

Kevin McCashion & Dan Satre, Albany, NY
James Lee, Mississauga, ONT

President’s Awards

Dan & Janis Hamari, Appleton, WI
Matt & Karren Fitzpatrick, North Sydney, NSW, AU

Most Valuable Players

Carol Geryk, Kingsville, TX

Mentor of the Year

Pete & Nancy Bloomfield, Frankston, VIC, AU

Team Player Awards

KC & Bob Packard, Herndon, VA
Ron & Charma Weinstein, Las Vegas, NV

Rookie of the Year

Ashley Whitworth, West Perth, WA, AU

Master of the Year

Raphael Nunez, Master Franchisor Spain

Best Resale/Overall Improvement

James Lee, Mississauga, CAN
Leslie Simensen, Frederick, MD

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