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Essential Back-to-School Promotional Products

Essential Back-To-School Promotional ProductsIts the middle of the summer and kids everywhere are thinking they cant wait to get back to school! Well, maybe not, but it is time to start preparing. Plan a Back-to-School promotional marketing campaign to build awareness of your brand and drive sales. Back-to-School promotional products are used by both students and teachers alike, so you arent restricted to targeting one demographic. These products will be passed along and used by many. The need and popularity for school items guarantees great brand visibility.

  • Pencils: This classic branding tool comes in a variety of innovative options. You can have traditional wooden pencils or mechanical click pencils imprinted with your message.
  • Pens: Writing utensils offer a spectrum of design and price options. The quality and functionality of a pen says a lot about who will find it appealing.
  • Notebook: Lined paper notebooks, spiral or bound, are sure to get daily use. Consider an eco-friendly option with recycled paper to show support for sustainability.
  • Rulers: Make sure your campaign measures up with a customizable ruler. This learning tool requires close inspection while in use, so your brand is sure to be recognized every time.
  • Calculator: Whether solar-powered, pocket-sized, or flip, calculators are a much-appreciated freebie will a solid promise of longevity.
  • School Supply Case: Call it a pencil box or utility pouch, every student needs a place to put their writing tools and accessories.
  • Backpacks: Wearable branding gets scores of impressions and a backpack is sure to be worn every weekday, wherever the user travels. There are many style options to choose from that will determine your branding design and printing method.

Invest in your community while promoting your business or organization with Back-to-School promotional products from your local EmbroidMe Resource Center. Summers flying by, so get in touch today.