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EmbroidMe Shows How One Item Offers Countless Branding Solutions

West Palm Beach, FL – May 31, 2012 – It’s no secret that brand messages can be communicated through many different media, and it can be a challenge to select the right way to deliver a particular message.  EmbroidMe is here to provide its promotional partners with simple branding solutions.  One such solution that can be an effective and valuable addition to any marketing program is a customized bag or tote.  A customized, embroidered bag or tote is the gift that keeps on giving; initially creating brand awareness with the recipient, and then that person brings awareness to those around him.  Think of it as a portable billboard!

Customized bags and totes are both practical and useful, as well as an ideal medium for your company’s logo or message.  Bags can be used for overnight travel, athletic activities, or simply to carry books or lunch, and they are used time and again, bringing your brand’s message to a variety of prospective customers.  Bags can make for great added-value in a retail setting, as well as a terrific trade show giveaway.  A tote can even be a desirable item to sell at a fundraiser or school booster because it is a great way to display a school’s logo and build team spirit.  Whether at work, school, or during leisure, the person carrying the tote will often find himself among other people who have similar interests, exposing your brand to new prospects.

Totes and bags come in a wide assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes.  No matter what your industry, an EmbroidMe Resource Center near you will have the right bag for your business or event.  For a natural food store, an organic, earth-friendly tote bag might be the perfect promotional item.  If your clientele is mostly female, EmbroidMe has a chic new line of women’s bags and luggage.  Whether it’s an insulated bag for food, a padded notebook computer bag, or one of many other choices, EmbroidMe’s promotional bags and totes provide plenty of options, including two-sided branding to give your item added dimension.  Personalize any bag with your logo or artwork and watch as that bag carries your message onward.

“A personalized tote is practical way to literally put your brand name into prospect’s hands,” said an Embroidme Representative.  “We deliver quality customized bags that get used again and again, keeping your brand top of mind.”

About EmbroidMe With hundreds of Resource Centers around the world, EmbroidMe is the most comprehensive source for your promotional apparel, premiums, and advertising specialties, providing its promotional partners with full-service custom embroidery and screen printing for apparel.  For more information about bags and totes and to view additional releases, visit the EmbroidMe News & Press Release section of  EmbroidMe’s on-site specialists are ready to provide you with first-class service and products of the highest quality; just click EmbroidMe Locations to find the Resource Center nearest you.

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