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EmbroidMe Promotes National Camping Month in June

campingThe June kick off of National Camping Month signals the beginning of summer, and the great outdoors is a perfect subject for summer promotion. The best marketing appeals to our senses - sparkling starry nights, bacon cooking on an open fire, nocturnal crickets chirping, fields of fragrant wildflowers. Build a campaign to conjure daydreams of long, lazy vacation days and the beckoning of mountains and shores.

National Camping Month encourages us to go outside and play, a subtle offering of easy living and digital detoxification. From a sleep-out in a backyard tent, to a week-long backpacking trip, to a pop-up camper next to a lake, Mother Nature inspires and relaxes.

Who can build a campaign around National Camping Month? Outdoor-oriented industries like RV sales centers, campgrounds, gear retailers and travel agencies are the obvious choices. But schools and youth organizations can help kids see the benefits of putting their electronics aside and playing outside. Large offices can also encourage digital detox by suggesting well-deserved vacation time for camping, hiking and fishing.

Distributing promotional products will spread the message and build excitement. Try eco-friendly water bottles which are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. Non-spill, collapsible, clip-on water bottles are also a cost effective, yet excellent branding medium. For a more specialized approach, choose from a plethora of outdoor gear – compasses and thermometers, backpacks and fanny packs, camp chairs and tents, folding rain slickers and first aid kits – the options are endless.

"Themed promotional products will help your National Camping Month campaign gain momentum," said an Embroidme Representative. "EmbroidMe offers thousands of promotional products to perfectly align a brand with timely events in the community, in the country or around the world."

Can;t quite commit to camping? The US National Park Service offers many community projects and invites participation in the most spectacular of outdoor settings. For more info visit: