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EmbroidMe Offers Easy Ways to Boost Employee Morale

professionalsIn many organizations, the team starts off strong, steaming full speed ahead into a new project. At some point, however, motivation may start to wane, and your staff will start to suffer from a loss of momentum. Boosting team morale is key to having employees that go the extra mile and give 100% to your organization. Opt for a Change of Scenery Don't let the doldrums of work life drag down your team. Small changes in the workplace can make a huge difference in giving your staff a new outlook. Order new chairs in vibrant colors or add in new plants to give your office life. A fresh coat of paint, a new coffee maker and even a change in lighting can go a long way in boosting employee morale. Thank Them Showing appreciation for your team does not have to involve an elaborate ceremony. Simply thanking them for their hard work and dedication can go a long way toward lifting spirits. Publicly recognize them at staff meetings and in front of company executives. Periodically host an event in which you give out awards and trophies to the top performers on your team. Not only will this motivate your winners, it will inspire the other team members to strive for excellence. Remind Them of Your Purpose If your company is a non-profit, engage your team with people they are helping. Let behind-the-scenes workers know that their accounting work, for example, makes it possible to carry out your charity's mission. For-profit companies can use this strategy as well. If your team is working on a new computer program or developing a marketing plan, let them see their work in action by showing them the finished product. Listen to Them Allow your staff to make suggestions about how to improve the workplace. People feel valued when their opinions are taken into consideration. Enact the changes they suggest and allow them to see real progress. Offer awards for the team members with the most innovative ideas. A desktop acrylic award is a great way to show your team members that their opinions are valued. Rewarding your staff is key to keeping them motivated and boosting morale. There are many ways that you can show them how much they are appreciated, from awards and trophies to custom apparel and more. EmbroidMe is the most trusted name is embroidered apparel, custom awards and diversified promotional products. Find an EmbroidMe resource center today.