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Custom Items for May Family Wellness Month

Businesses Support Family Wellness Month with Custom Items from EmbroidMe

Now is the time for businesses to prepare a promotional cause marketing campaign to align with National Nutrition Month in May

Family Wellness Month is about promoting healthy lifestyle choices among families. The month is dedicated to educating families on better ways to manage their lives with regard to nutrition, physical health and interpersonal relationships. Family Wellness Month is a time for businesses or organizations to encourage people to make positive decisions. This can mean anything from a better diet to more frequent doctor visits, or spending less time in front of the TV and more quality time with your loved ones.

Businesses can align their brands with Family Wellness Month:

  • Partner with healthcare firms and healthcare service providers to sponsor and organize events raising awareness for good lifestyle choices.
  • Get involved with local nonprofits centered on improving the livelihoods of families in the area.
  • Promote good health and lifestyle choices from within their companies through newsletters and social media posts.

On a smaller scale, businesses can raise awareness for Family Wellness Month and the healthy living practices that it promotes by getting their logo emblazoned onto health-oriented items. This will be especially effective at health fairs that your business may attend or help organize during this month.

Businesses interested in mounting a Family Wellness Month promotional marketing campaign must design and order their products now to be ready for May.

“There are a variety of items available at EmbroidMe Resource Centers to suit the tone of Family Wellness Month,” said an Embroidme Representative. “EmbroidMe has a wide variety of promotional merchandise to suit the branding needs of any business.” Items like pedometers, first-aid kits and hand sanitizer will show support in the process of healthy lifestyle choices and also showcase your brand.

EmbroidMe's printing services can embroider or print your company logo onto any of these products in the highest quality, displaying the integrity of your brand in a way that meets your organization's standards.

However you choose to promote Family Wellness Month, EmbroidMe is guaranteed to have the promotional items that will suit your needs and convey your organization's support for healthy lifestyles for families.