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Cross the Finish Line in Custom Marathon Gear

You’ve dedicated your time to training for a demanding marathon. Now it’s time to make sure you’re comfortable and ready to run in the right performance wear during the event. Maybe you are running as an individual, with a group of friends or for a charity. When you do, you want to represent your cause, or brand, proudly on marathon day. Custom marathon gear with your message will help you stay motivated and unite with your team to boost through the finish line while looking your best.

Power Through Chilly Marathons with Layers

The perfect running temperature is around 45 to 55 degrees because your body does not waste energy staying warm or cooling itself off. It’s important to dress for success in marathon gear that will keep you warm at the start, but that you can shed off as the race progresses.  Whether you choose to run in tights, shorts, long sleeve shirts, tank tops, jackets, arm warmers, gloves or a hat, EmbroidMe will tailor your marathon gear with your company logo or text. Before the race begins and after you cross the finish line, bundle up in a customized fleece blanket with the event and your brand’s logos.

Control Your Temperature During Hotter Marathons

When running on a hot day, the key is to not overheat. Dress lightly in loose fitting, breathable clothing. Wrap a bandana around your neck or forehead that has been in the refrigerator the night before, and wear a hat that protects you from the extra heat of the sun. Sunglasses will also help deflect some of the unneeded heat. In addition to customizing wearable accessories, EmbroidMe can imprint your logo onto water bottles and hydration belts.

Be Ready to Run on Marathon Day with the Help of EmbroidMe

Plan ahead and call EmbroidMe for custom marathon gear. Your embroidered marathon gear will serve as a memento of your accomplishment, and the specialists at EmbroidMe are well equipped to customize many different materials with your logo. As the world’s largest promotional product franchise, EmbroidMe has decades of experience providing the most effective products and custom embroidery. Get ready to run and contact an EmbroidMe resource center at (877) 877-0234.