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Businesses Spotlight "Shape Up US Month" with Custom Promotional Items from EmbroidMe


January is "Shape Up US Month", an annual campaign to promote education about America's obesity health epidemic and enlighten Americans about healthy living strategies for children. Unfortunately, as stated in the 2008 report "Overview of Federal Child Nutrition Legislation," federal funding for school nutrition programs was cut, reducing access to health education in schools and healthy food in cafeterias across the country.

According to the Journal of Adolescent Health, comprehensive programs that educate children about well-being, including physical, social and emotional health, are sorely needed. By taking part in Shape Up US Month, businesses can help fund physical education and wellness programs in schools throughout the nation.

Shape Up US Month shines a spotlight on the risks of childhood obesity and emphasizes the importance of making healthier lifestyle choices, which will ultimately reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

There are many ways for businesses to participate in Shape Up U.S. Month, and the time to prepare a promotional cause marketing campaign for January is now.

Businesses can:

  • Fund local Shape Up programs such as Just Clap For Life
  • Join or start a team in Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children, a comprehensive health program that engages children and their families to stay healthy and make health education affordable
  • Sponsor health and wellness live events to promote health education in schools throughout the country
  • Secure a booth at a Shape Up US Health and Wellness Expo, encouraging the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle while also boosting sales for your business

On a smaller scale, businesses can simply raise awareness about developing a healthier lifestyle from an early age by developing custom products emblazoned with their logo and passing them out to employees and clients.

Businesses interested in mounting a Shape Up US Month promotional marketing campaign must design and order their products now to be ready for January.

Ideas for custom products to pass out to employees and clients or at health events and education expos are plentiful. They include promotional healthy recipe cookbooks, food journals and fitness products such as pedometers, fitness belt pouches, water bottles and duffel bags. All promotional products can be imprinted with business logos and messages about shaping up. All such products - and many more - are available from one of the hundreds of EmbroidMe Resource Centers around the world.

An Embroidme Representative says: "Whatever role a business decides to play in promoting Shape Up US Month, EmbroidMe offers businesses the ability to customize products that will convey the message that a business wants to help schools fund health education programs. Businesses should place their orders now to make sure they are ready for the Shape Up US Month campaign in January."