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Be Ready for the New Year with Custom Planners from EmbroidMe

Ring in the New Year with Custom Planners and Calendars

We’re more than halfway through the year, which means the New Year is not too far away. The New Year is a great time to stock up on promotional products and show your appreciation for your employees and customers. Custom planners and calendars are not only great promotional items to give away at New Year festivities, but they will also make sure your brand is seen all year long. Here are some reasons why you should give away custom planners and calendars for the upcoming New Year. 

Help with Organization

Planners and calendars help your employees and customers stay organized, both at work and at home. Many people also have home offices, either for working remotely or for general every-day tasks. A wall or desk calendar can be a perfect addition to their office, whether that is at home or at a business location, and will come in handy when they need to write down appointments, deadlines and other important dates. Custom planners that are branded with your company’s logo are perfect for writing down to-do lists, grocery lists and other day-to-day tasks, which will be appreciated by those that you give them to. By giving away calendars and planners, you can help your customers and employees stay organized all year long.

Unlimited Brand Exposure

Even though the majority of consumers have smartphones or tablets with calendars and similar apps on them, they remain unseen and rarely used. Planners, on the other hand, can be taken everywhere and will actually be used. This gives your brand unlimited exposure. Wall calendars and desk calendars are also great for increasing brand visibility because they can be placed on display at businesses, inside of your customers’ homes, in schools and virtually anywhere else. Calendars are a great to give away to anyone and will be kept all year long, so there is no limit to the amount of visibility your brand will receive.

Get Planners and Calendars from the Best in the Business

Don’t wait until it’s too late to plan your New Year marketing strategy. EmbroidMe is the world’s largest promotional product and embroidery franchise, and our promotional marketing experts can help you design planners and calendars that are unique and fit your brand’s marketing goals. We have hundreds of resource centers around the world where you can stop in and see samples of many of our high-quality products. Find your closest resource center by visiting out website or calling (877) 877-0234 today.