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Back to School Already? How to Prepare with Custom School Items

Back to School Means Showing Your School’s Pride

After a summer break that often feels like it has flown by, it can be difficult to get your students into the spirit of going back to school. Customized items and apparel can help your school get ready for the back to school season and show school spirit all year long. Start the next school year off right with customized promotional products and branded apparel that will make all the difference. Below are some ways to make your school stand out, and get students and staff pumped up to go back to school.

School Necessities that Promote Success

Provide your students with the materials they need to succeed while promoting a positive learning environment. Custom stationary items such as rulers, pens, pencils, notebooks, chalk and dry erase markers are just some items that will be needed all year long. For faculty and staff, you can provide special customized gifts to start the school year off on a positive note and show them how much they are appreciated. Customized paperweights, pen and pencil holders, padfolios and binders are just a few items that teachers and staff will all appreciate.

Encourage Unity with Custom Uniforms and Apparel

School uniforms encourage students to learn in an optimistic environment by implementing unity among everyone while reflecting your school’s identity. Even after-school clubs and organizations can benefit from custom branded apparel, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts and fleece jackets. School uniforms and customized apparel that showcases your club or after-school activity will encourage participation and pride in your school.

Give Your Athletic Department a Winning Image

Your various athletic teams’ uniforms are a reflection of your school’s team spirit. Make your school stand out with new uniforms for the new seasons. Outdated uniforms can not only leave a bland impression of your school, but they can also become tattered and dirty after a while. New uniforms that are made of high quality, durable and breathable material will last long and get your athletes pumped up for games. Don’t forget about fans and alumni that are at each game showing their support. Game-day accessories, such as banners, noisemakers, flags and foam fingers, will be a hit at the gate when your fans arrive.

Get Your School Prepared with the Help of EmbroidMe

With over 800,000 products, EmbroidMe has the resources and expertise to help your institution be successful in your back to school preparations. Get a head start on preparing for the upcoming school year by ordering your items or embroidered apparel from EmbroidMe today. With hundreds of resource centers located across the United States, there is sure to be one near you. Stop into a resource center today to speak with a promotional marketing specialist and see samples of many of our items. You can locate a resource center by visiting our website or calling (877) 877-0234.