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Air Dancer Dance Off Video EmbroidMe Morristown NJ

This is a perfect example of using out of the box thinking to create videos that people will watch, and that will get your name out there to new customers. If your video puts a smile on someones face dont you think they will want to visit your store in the future? This is a short video of our air dancer featuring some local talent having fun. A big Thank You goes out to the Morris United girls soccer team, The Morristown Madams roller derby, Katie Sue the dancer and ballerina, Steve the break-dancer and everyone else who came out that day. We are your local souce for Embroiery, Screen Printing, Promotional Products & Persaonalized Gifts. Visit our showroom... EmbroidMe Morristown NJ 16 Pine Street Morristown, NJ 07960 George Zacieracha