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5 Tips for Selling Promotional Products

5 Tips for Selling Promotional Products

Selling promotional products is an effective way to build upon your brand and increase awareness among your customers. Promotional products strengthen a brand and the company’s place in their market. Here are five tips that will help you increase morale and boost brand loyalty when selling promotional products.

1.)  Select Products That Your Customers Will Find Useful

Think outside the box when it comes to maintaining an interesting selection of promotional products. The merchandise should have a strong correlation to the company, but also be convenient and useful. For example, a college student is most likely to buy their school’s branded sweatshirt, but another item that would get a lot of use would be an embroidered laptop case or cover.

2.)  Keep Your Selection Fresh

Offer your customers an interesting and innovative selection of merchandise with new options that will continually grab their attention. Try to present new promotional products every few months, either on a seasonal basis or design a calendar based on company events.

3.)  Mix Promotional Products in with Other Packages

Leverage your business’s services by mixing in some merchandise goodies. For example, if your business is personal training, then offer an embroidered gym towel in your training packages. If you are a makeup artist, then include a complimentary embroidered pocket mirror with more extensive services. These are factors that differentiate you from the competition.

4.)  Add Promotional Products to Company Events

During celebrations, product launches, presentations and any other activity that your company hosts, debut promotional products with the event to help draw in more customers. For example, offer promotional swag during a grand opening to commemorate the day.

5.)  Don’t Be Afraid to Test Out Promotional Products

If you have a creative idea but are not completely confident in its sales potential, then start out by testing a small order of the promotional product. See what works and what doesn’t, and you may also gain some positive feedback from customers in the process.

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