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5 Tips for Creating a Logo Design That Will Grow with Your Company

Creating a logo design that stands the test of time is one of the most crucial elements of your brand. A strong logo that is easy to understand and recognize will greatly help in your branding strategy. Before putting pen to paper, consider these five tips for creating a logo design that will grow with your company.

Seek Feedback from Your Team

Those who know your company and your business model best will be able to offer the most insight into what your logo should convey. Seek out feedback from your team to see what type of imagery and branding they think works best for the company today and in the future.

Follow the K.I.S.S. Principle

Don’t over complicate your logo design in an attempt to communicate your brand to consumers. Keep it simple and clean by creating a logo design that doesn’t require an explanation. Clear and simple imagery will make a bigger impression in the long run because your logo will be easier to remember.

Make Sure the Logo is Reproducible

Clean and simple logo designs not only stick in people’s minds, but they are also easier to reproduce. Think about all the uses and applications of your logo. Consider how your logo may work on large applications, such as billboards and store signage, along with smaller displays, such as websites, social media and promotional products. Create a logo design that is scalable and can be printed on t-shirts and pens while also rendering well when presented on a smartphone.

Ask if Your Logo Design Will Evolve with the Brand

Make sure your logo will be representative of your brand as your company continues to grow and expand. Create a logo design that can be altered in the future, without a need to radically redesign it because of a change in the brand.

Know Your Competition’s Logos

Before creating a logo design, do your research into what other logos your target market is currently being exposed to. See what your competition is portraying to your audience and leverage that in your designs to differentiate your brand.

Contact EmbroidMe for Help Designing Your Logo

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