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Promotional apparel addresses many aspects of any comprehensive marketing plan, from brand identity to advertising and public relations.

In service and hospitality industries, besides generating brand awareness, customized apparel presents your staff as a unified team driving sales and consumer trust forward.

Boost team spirit with logo branded school athletic team and band uniforms. Bolster school club and organization messages with fashion logo tees, hoodies, jackets, caps and other accessories. Step up school spirit and team support with logo fashion apparel that students, parents, faculty and staff will be sure to wear with pride.

Raise awareness for social justice campaigns, promote fund-raising events and support other, actionable charity activities with customized non-profit and charity organization messages on t-shirts, caps and jackets. Customized shirts and caps say a well-earned thank you to your hard-working event volunteers. EmbroidMe® supports your group with expert design and fulfillment services.

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