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The quality workmanship found at EmbroidMe of Morristown, NJ is sure not to go unnoticed. With our state of the art laser etching and laser applique’ system we can provide our customers with quality results in a timely fashion.  We can customize many of our products to your liking with your logo, emblem or phrase of your choice.  Customized apparel adds a certain camaraderie amongst employees, teammates and organizations. 

   Our laser etching technology allows customers to combine multiple decoration techniques  to create a wide variety of one-of-a-kind decorated apparel with dramatic appeal.  We use a laser and a computerized system to precisely engrave, cut or mark a wide range of garments. Often, customers combine laser etching with embroidery and or screen printing to create those extra special embellishments that bring out the design that will get you noticed.

   We pride ourselves in our service and promise to work with you to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction. Whether buying a single item, team jersey, or group apparel we are confident that we have what you need and will be pleased with our end product.  This Morristown, New Jersey location in the only store in the northeast that has this laser. At EmbroidMe-Morristown you are guaranteed the personal attention you deserve.  Contact EmbroidMe-Morristown for all of your custom branded apparel needs.  

-Laser Etching
-Distressed Applique
-Reverse Applique