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Work Jackets

When stuck outside on a cold and rainy day, there is nothing better than a comfortable work jacket that keeps you warm and dry. Here at EmbroidMe, we offer a range of different jackets designed for nearly every type of job. Whether you spend most of your time indoors, spend a lot of time on the road meeting with clients or spend most days working outside, we have you covered. We even offer jackets designed for business owners to help them equip all their employees and keep those workers safe, warm, dry and healthy. The right jacket can keep you from developing those coughs and sneezes usually associated with cold and flu season.

As no two customers are exactly the same, we work hard to introduce new designs that will appeal to our shoppers. Some of the work wear jackets available use new materials and new technologies that actually pull moisture away from the body. If you ever sweated on a cold day, you know just how great those materials are. Other jackets are suitable for long term use and are resistant to fading and shrinking. You can toss your jacket in the washer and dryer and it will still fit just as well as it did before. Our line of workwear goes beyond simple jackets though. We also have plenty of sweatshirts to fit every person you work with or employ. Shop for fleece jackets with embroidery on the pockets, warmup jackets with a vintage look or even sweatshirts with extra pockets for additional storage.

Not sure what type of work jacket is best for you? There's no reason to worry. With so many EmbroidMe Resource Centers located across the country, you can get help picking out a jacket anytime you stop by. Take some time to visit our website and browse through our pages to get an idea about the work jackets we offer and which ones you like best.