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Work Clothes for Women

Tired of bulky and heavy clothing designed for men twice your size? Despite the number of women entering traditionally male dominated industries growing every year, some manufacturers refuse to make clothing designed for the female body. Tee shirts designed for men may be so long and heavy that you find yourself overheating on the job, and other work clothes can get in your way while on the job. Whether you work in an office, a retail shop, a hospital or on a construction site, you deserve work clothes designed for women just like you. Never settle for anything less than clothing made just for female workers like yourself.

Though women come in many different shapes and sizes, the female body often has a few curves. If you have a larger stomach, chest or back, you might find that you need to go up one or more sizes when buying work clothes for men. Those shirts can make you feel uncomfortable and leave you wishing that you were at home in your favorite jeans and a tee shirt. EmbroidMe offers a wide selection of work clothes designed for women, but you'll also find that you can create your own designs too.

Some employers only require that workers wear a khaki shirt or a tee shirt and a pair of pants in one or two specific colors. If your job takes you out and into the field, you might want something a little more professional looking that lets people know where you work. At the EmbroidMe Resource Center, you can spend hours designing clothing and picking colors that you like. Work clothes for women come in sizes designed just for women and in shapes and designs that flatter the female form. No matter what type of shirt you need for work, you can design one just for you. Check out the Resource Center and start designing new work wear just for women today.