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Nonprofit Promotional T-Shirts

Cause Marketing

Nonprofit organizations provide some of the most important social, religious and environmental services that improve our communities, nations and world. Why not promote your project, mission or vision with nonprofit promotional t-shirts?

Save the World with Nonprofit Promotional T-Shirts!

Imagine how much attention you could draw to your cause with a beautiful whale, dolphin or seal t- shirt. Modern technology makes these images on t-shirts seem almost three-dimensional, like they are jumping out at you. A good picture can convey your organization's message quickly to passersby. Amazing custom t-shirts can be made to represent your church, charity, 401(c) nonprofit or non-governmental organization (NGO).

Do customers know what WWF stands for? The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is just one example of how people might associate a charitable organization's brand with a corporate brand. Custom-made t-shirts can help you keep your charity's logo in the front of people's minds. When they remember your organization, they are more likely to volunteer or donate. Creating brand awareness can help you spread your message. You may be able to generate more website traffic with well-designed custom-made t-shirts. Get noticed and spread your message with custom-made t-shirts from EmbroidMe.

Add Attractive Artwork to Shirts

EmbroidMe has an Apparel Design Studio where you can either use original artwork or work with professional EmbroidMe staff to create something new. Get noticed and spread your nonprofit’s message with great custom t-shirts. It is easy to get started - just call EmbroidMe to find a Resource Center near you.