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Nonprofit Marketing

Non-for-profit Marketing

How EmbroidMe Helps Its Partners Reach Their Goals

Every non-profit has to promote an initiative from time to time to increase awareness and fundraise for their organizations. This may require campaigns, membership drives, events and other fundraising activities. Non-profit marketing solutions give organizations the tools they need to meet their fundraising objectives.

Products and Services

EmbroidMe has been partnering with companies and organizations for years, giving them the support they need to launch a successful initiative or campaign. We’ve helped organizations choose the right mix of products and goods to create the buzz necessary to promote their ventures. Our comprehensive line of tools, totes, bags, pens and other promotional items have been successfully integrated into a broad spectrum of fundraising endeavors. Our promotional items build awareness, expand reach, strengthen partnerships and promote causes.

Benefits and highlights

One of the greatest benefits of working with EmbroidMe is that we are committed to giving you quality promotional items that work for your cause. During our unique eight-step process, we identify your goals and needs and explore how we can meet them. Our team of onsite specialists has comprehensive knowledge of our product line. We are glad to assist in identifying and customizing products appropriate for your nonprofit organization.

Benefits of our promotional goods

• Quality products

• Completely customized with your logo, slogan and colors

• Quick fulfillment

How Companies and Nonprofits are Using EmbroidMe

Some programs use our products for door prizes, or include them in gift bags for those attending events. Others incorporate our products into their outreach efforts, passing them out to event attendees. Many can be used to thank new sponsors and donors who have pledged support for upcoming events. Outfit your team with branded apparel and name tags or badges. There is no shortage of ways to put promotional items to use for your venture.

We love serving our partners and building relationships to help them achieve their fundraising goals. We can provide the production support you need to get your cause marketing project off the ground.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants.