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Non-profit Fundraising Ideas

If you are looking for different fundraisers for non-profit organizations, you will be pleasantly surprised by the many different options that are available at EmbroidMe. With a variety of products ranging from classic custom t-shirts to every type of promotional product available on the market today, EmbroidMe can help your organization boost its fundraising capabilities through promotional giveaways.

When people are contributing to a fundraising campaign, they always like to be rewarded. Offering promotional products with your organizations information printed on them is the perfect way to reward your contributors and keep the organizations name fresh on their minds all the time. For larger contributors, or for those volunteers that raise a lot of money, there are greater rewards available such as plaques, trophies, or jewelry which can be customized for the occasion.

Your business can also use a custom t-shirt as a way to display your sponsors. Create a t-shirt with your organization or event name on the front, then display all of your primary sponsors on the back. This is a great reward for those who contribute and offers “free advertising” for them and your event whenever anyone wears the shirt. These shirts are also great to give to team members to wear during the event so that potential donors know who to contact during the event.

EmbroidMe will work with your organization to develop your custom items. They can use your existing designs or help you create a new one for this specific event. These designs can then be transferred to a multitude of products, giving every item you use a uniform and professional appearance.

To learn more about the many different fundraising products that EmbroidMe offers, contact one of our Resource Centers. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff will be able to provide you with all the information you need to find the right fundraising item for your event.