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Nonprofit Fundraising

Not-for-Profit Fundraising

Partnering with EmbroidMe to Enhance Your Fundraising Efforts

Nonprofit fundraising encompasses a number of tasks, including getting the board, staff and volunteers engaged, soliciting donations, promoting the cause and increasing awareness. The success of such fundraising initiatives depends on assembling the right team including reliable vendors and partnerships. Here is how non-profits are getting more out of their fundraising in partnering with EmbroidMe for their promotional gifts.

Partnering with the EmbroidMe Nonprofit Fundraising Specialists

Customized promotional items can help you generate support for your cause. With EmbroidMe’s unique eight-step process, we can assist with identifying and customizing a giveaway item to fit your business plan and support your goals. We recognize that your decision to entrust us with the promotional aspect of your event or project was a serious decision, and we are committed to going the extra mile to make sure that your endeavor succeeds.

Benefits of Partnering with EmbroidMe

In partnering with us, you will have first-rate service throughout the course of your project and ongoing support as needed. You’ll have access to the quality regional support you deserve for all of your fundraising endeavors. We like to see our non-profit partners reach their fundraising goals, so we’ll do whatever it takes to help your organization succeed.

Helping with non-profit fundraising initiatives is our specialty and our passion. We can give you the quality products you need and the support you deserve.

Non-profit Fundraising Support – FAQs

How will I determine which products will work best for this project?

We help our partners identify the best solutions based on their fundraising objectives and budgets. Our unique eight-step approach matches our customer to the right promotional items.

How can we get what we need on time?

EmbroidMe has worked with organizations for years, and we’ve adapted our production capacity to meet the needs of high-volume orders with tight lead times. Our knowledgeable representatives, state-of-the-art equipment and skilled production teams can accommodate any project on any scale.

We’re catering to different audiences. How can we achieve the best results with your service?

EmbroidMe offers more than 800,000 different promotional items, and we specialize in creating solutions that target different demographics and audiences. From upscale leather bags for executives to handy USB drives for students, we can customize the product mix to address your goals.

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