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Non-profit Business Plan

Organizing a Non-Profit Business Plan

Major non-profit organizations create business plans to organize their fundraising efforts. Most non-profits rely on their "Ways and Means" committees to develop an annual fundraising plan.

Depending on the size, available funds and prominence of each non-profit, some hire outsourced sales and marketing professionals to manage marketing for non-profits and to develop non-profit fundraising ideas.

In many municipalities, libraries and museums choose this option when members lack experience with non-profit fundraising ideas or marketing for non-profits. Organizing a non-profit business plan is the most essential part of a fully functioning non-profit group. EmbroidMe is an experienced consultant that helps non-profits overcome fundraising challenges.

Key Factors in a Non-Profit Business Plan

A non-profit business plan requires research, design and implementation to maximize each phase. Many charitable organizations, like Lions International, provide specific charities that will benefit from fundraising throughout the course of each year.

However, each chapter of this particular non-profit is responsible to develop a business plan for raising funds and awareness of their major cause for which this group is singularly recognized: assistance to the blind, with secondary causes like aid to the deaf and abused children.

The business plan for non-profits is based on fundraising in various forms like fund drives, sponsoring sporting events and fundraising dinners. These types of fundraising do best with solid marketing for non-profits built into a business plan and also specially designed promotional products.

EmbroidMe offers promotional products that help non-profits with fundraising efforts. Promotional products are key factors in successful non-profit business plans, providing promotional giveaways.

The Link between Business and Non-Profit Fundraising

In many civic and charitable non-profits, members are well known in their business communities. This creates a solid link between business and non-profits that benefits both. Contact EmbroidMe today for more information on non-profit business plans.