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Non-profit Branding

No matter the size of your organization, non-profit branding is important. Whenever you see a pink ribbon, your mind immediately goes to breast cancer awareness. That’s strong branding. Branded promotional items draw the same connection in the minds of their recipients. EmbroidMe can help build a solid brand for any organization.

EmbroidMe offers great options for t-shirts, too. Performance shirts have an antimicrobial coating that pulls sweat away from the body and kills germs, and eco-friendly options use only natural and organic materials. EmbroidMe Resource Centers are staffed with promotional marketing experts with years of experience making great shirts and other branded promotional items.

Custom shirts are a great start for nonprofit branding. In addition to t-shirts, EmbroidMe also offer shirts that have a more professional look, like golf and polo shirts. Sticking to the same color scheme helps build a consistent brand identity, especially with the same design or logo on all items. To see EmbroidMe’s catalog of over 800,000 branded promotional items, locate your nearest Resource Center. Promotional marketing experts are ready to help.