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Marketing for Non-profits

Marketing for non-profits works just like marketing for major corporations. Even nonprofits need to spend money to make money - it's called funding. At EmbroidMe, promotional marketing experts can assist in picking out giveaway for donors and those who do volunteer work for you. EmbroidMe works with any budget.

EmbroidMe has over 800,000 promotional products to offer. Each EmbroidMe Resource Center features a searchable catalog featuring a wide variety of items to fit the brand of any non-profit. Some of the organizations we work with prefer simple things like coffee mugs, t-shirts, pens and refrigerator magnets. Others would like something more unique like a reusable water bottle or colorful rubber bracelets. Visit a local EmbroidMe Resource Center to have any questions answered or place an order.

EmbroidMe Resource Centers are staffed with promotional marketing experts with years of experience helping all kinds of industries and can quickly assess which products will work best for any budget. Visit an EmbroidMe Resource Center to view our full range of promotional products.