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Cause Related Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Introduction to Cause Related Marketing Strategies

Many businesses, civic and charity groups spend time and money contemplating a creative cause-related marketing strategy to simultaneously show support while promoting their brand. A direct source for screen printing, custom embroidery and promotional products, like EmbroidMe, is necessary to promote your cause-related marketing campaign. In cause-related marketing, there’s a symbiotic relationship between businesses and non-profit organizations who work together to mutual satisfaction and success.

The Nuts and Bolts of Cause Related Marketing

Some of the most important features involved in cause-related marketing are promotional items, ribbons, shirts and apparel. EmbroidMe provides all of these and more. In addition to custom embroidery for business marketing, EmbroidMe also provides awards and incentives, garment printing and team apparel, hats and caps, golf items and a host of promotional products that can make any business or non-profit event memorable. The product line EmbroidMe provides is a great way to link a business event for civic or charitable causes. One unique feature EmbroidMe offers is the creation and hosting of online company stores. These are great for businesses, schools and other organizations who would like to easily sell merchandise to their employees, students and members. EmbroidMe makes it simple and easy to plan and implement cause-related marketing projects targeted for maximum success.

Promotional Products and Promotional Items

All businesses need a way to ensure their name and brand is consistently visible. EmbroidMe has the answer with over 800,000 promotional items that can be used as giveaways for clients, customers and vendors. Custom shirts are always a popular cause-related marketing product. These custom shirts can identify the organization’s name, cause or particular event.

Other items include:

  • Cause ribbons
  • Custom pens
  • Key chains
  • Coffee mugs
  • USB memory drives
  • Bags

T-shirts and other custom apparel such as hats, uniforms and RFID secure sleeves are another item that's extremely important to cause related marketing for businesses and organizations. EmbroidMe professionally applies the company or organization logo to each item.

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