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Advertising Specialties

Modern brand marketing is 24/7/365 in front of consumers due to the World Wide Web, social media platforms, and advertising specialties. Your customers keep certain items on themselves at all times. Wouldn't it be great to improve your brand recognition by providing your customers with branded specialties they are sure to use frequently?

Is Your Brand Marketing in Real-Time?

Pens, key chains, coffee mugs, t-shirts and bags are just a few of the more than 800,000 marketing products available from EmbroidMe. You could place your logo on a wide variety of bags: purses, duffle bags, briefcases and back packs. Customers and bystanders will see your logo every day.

One step of brand recognition is creating a logo design that is easily recognizable. The next step is to attach this logo to essential items we need to live each day. The more frequently customers and potential customers see your logo, the faster they will begin to accept your brand as natural, essential and trustworthy.

EmbroidMe can print colors, words and designs on any medium. Specialized advertising items are used by your clients when they are most likely to need your products or services. Branded utensils, pet-food dishes, thermometers, USB flash drives, mouse pads, polo shirts and jackets are just some of the many products that EmbroidMe can imprint with your logo or specialized designs.

Do Your Customers Have Your Brand Logo at Home?

With EmbroidMe Resource Center professionals, you can develop a vibrant marketing campaign. You can mix and match items by adding a different group of promotional merchandise every month, season or year.

These specialized pieces of promotional merchandise can be used for promoting individual products you sell or for promoting your entire business. They can be used to target certain regions of the country. EmbroidMe has hundreds of branches all around the United States to meet your marketing needs.

Don’t settle for a company that can deliver only a handful of marketing products. Trust in the industry leader for advertising specialties: EmbroidMe. Call now to get started.