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EmbroidMe Company - Testimonials
  • Monica and the staff at Embroid Me were beyond helpful with the execution of our company logos / uniforms. My business' logo, was what I thought difficult to reproduce. However, she quickly proved me wrong, as well as tirelessly working with my detail-oriented mind in ensuring the best representation of my business. She gladly went through at least several edits of my logo until I was satisfied, which is why I am here today recommending them. If you have a business, with a seemingly complicated logo, take it over to Monica and at least see what she suggests. I will guarantee Embroid Me to anyone, whether it is a big to small company, or even an individual project. Her CARE and handling of each customer is evident and highly applauded by me, especially in a day and age where customer service seems to be declining. ...Very refreshing.
  • Our office has used EmbroidMe on multiple occasions for computer bags, towels, folding chairs, etc. Monica and her staff come through every time. They help me choose the best product for the best price and they always get our embroidery done before we need it. Today I called her at 9:00 in the morning and asked if they could put our logo on 5 baseball caps for an event we were having tonight. I had the hats by 2:00. Best of all, I looked good to my boss for pulling that off. Thanks Monica!