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EmbroidMe Company - Testimonials
  • A great shop that is really helping my business. I frequently get my work shirts, jackets, vests and hats embroidered with my logo and name, and as a result, my partner and I have been able to rise above our competition, in part due to our professional and custom attire. The best marketing bang-for-the-buck!
  • Came in last Thursday, had to get a few horse items embroidered for my boss, I walked in to a smiling man (which I am spacing on his name) i will call him Grandpa, because he is Sandra's & Jeff's father/father-in-law. For starters, I was there for a good part of an hour "designing" our items, but more talking about life and other such things. it took 5 mins before I was in the back picking out the colors of the stitching, talking to Jeff and Grandpa S. and discussing how crazy our world is today. I 100% forgot why I was there and enjoying hanging out and conversing with Grandpa S. We eventually designed beautiful lettering on all my items and I almost came around the counter to hug Grandpa S. I'm so excited to see the items when finished. The BEST part is I was able to support a local family run business, gain wise wisdom from Grandpa S. and i know when I get my items back this week, they will be finished as if it was my own Grandpa/Grandma/Uncle/Aunt/Mother/Father doing was the work. They care. It shows, and I will absolutely be back. As much as possible. Thanks again! I will tell anyone who will listen to head on in!!!
  • EmbroidMe Encinitas delivers highly personalized service and exceptional products. I recently discovered this customed personalization shop. Sandra was exceedingly patient with me in providing options for my project. If you are in need of promotional products, embroidering, stamping of any kind, this is the place for you!
  • EmbroidMe Encinitas has the best customer service by far. Prompt turnaround times, high-quality stitching results, professional & curteous staff. Thank you Sandra, our shirts look fantastic!
  • EmbroidMe Encinitas is made of the nicest people I have ever worked with. I work for a Non-Profit organization and they have supported our charity without hesitation. Their work is wonderful and the turnaround is great!
  • First of all, I would give 10 stars if possible. We have used this company for our business and personal items for years now. The quality of their embroidery is great! We have purchased products for our business from them that they get from an outside vendor and we had issues with one of the many items we have purchased. They backed us, the customer, and fully replaced the items from the vendor and covered the cost that we paid in full. We are impressed with their customer service and problem solving. They have recommended colors and different items for our business, knowing what works well and were spot on. Their prices are very reasonable. We will continue to do business with them!
  • First off let me say that I am not an impulse buyer. I have been in and out of EmbroidMe a dozen times trying to decide what I want to do. Sandra has been so patient and helpful and hasn't made me feel pressured to make a decision. I really appreciate that alot. She has ordered in samples for me to help me narrow down what I am looking for and her suggestions have been right on point. I haven't placed my order yet, so I guess this review is just for their customer service .... but I think Sandra and her team are awesome!
  • Great experience!!! Here's what you should expect if your service has been like mine. I've placed several business orders and have been very pleased on each one. They have great communication and very fair pricing. Their team really goes out of the way to under-sell and over-deliver. They have one of the best selections of in-store samples for you to look at, try on, touch & feel. They will also make recommendation and offer their experience for things that work and things that will look good vs. things you should avoid or that may not go well. They really take the time to listen and will tell you if something can or can not be done. This is a testament to knowing their business and being able to share it with you. Their shop is very clean and their embroidery equipment they use is in house - so you know you're getting a quality job done right there in their store and not being shipped in or shipped out. As others have stated the owners Jeff & Sandra are wonderful people who truly care about their customers and making sure you're 100% satisfied. Their staff has been really friendly and helpful too. We will be using them again and again for all our embroidery work! I'm so glad that I found them for our embroidery needs and can HIGHLY RECOMMEND with no hesitations - get over to EmbroidMe in Encinitas and click helpful below if your experience is anything like mine!!!
  • I am a long time customer and I recently ordered 23 custom patches for a once-a-year event. Somehow they happened to get lost in the mail, with just a day to go before my event. I went into panic mode. Sandra went above and beyond to help get things taken care of for me. In this age of nonchalant customer service and the "oh well, sorry about that..." attitude, Sandra took it upon herself to make things right. To be honest, I was shocked and overwhelmed with relief! My patches were remade and available for me to pick up with time to spare. I simply can't say "Thank you!" enough. Sandra, you are the best!
  • I came in today and had the best experience I have ever gotten in my life! I only needed a simple baby blanket embroidered with the babies name and I can't believe the service! Once Sandra was done helping the customer she was with, she greeted me with a smile and helped me out with what I needed! I told her that I have my own personal blanket and just needed the name put in. She filled out my information and what I thought was cool was she had over 200 different fonts in which the name could like like. What was cool was she showed me and gave me all the best tips about what would look best on the blanket. Sandra also brought out a bunch of different colors in which the name could appear in! I loved it all!! I went her best judgement and picked an awesome green color. The blanket is a cool mint color so I think it will look best. What was nice was we even chatted for like 30 minutes about my trip I just took to Catalina and gave her information for her to use to plan her trip! I was there and we were having such a great time talking that I completely forget to claim my check in offer that they business was offering on their Yelp page! It's ok because they are great here and I just want to give them all my money! Thank you Sandra for all your help!
  • I do not even need to comment just read the reviews posted... Jeff and his wife are truly genuine great people. They helped me get started with woven patchs that look great and happily have returned to order another run!!! 10 stars!!!
  • I do not even need to comment just read the reviews posted... Jeff and his wife are truly genuine great people. They helped me get started with woven patchs that look great and happily have returned to order another run!!! 10 stars!!! That one lady Melissa O is just crazy These are the hats that jeff and the crew helped make possible These are the hats that jeff and the crew helped make possible
  • I have been using the service of this particular Embroidme (Encinitas) for two years now.
  • I have the highest regard for Jeff and Sandra. They have been amazing and helpful. The Aviators have been doing business with them for over 3 years. They really take care their customers and I would recommend them to everyone.
  • I have used EmbroidMe in Encinitas several times now to design some sports jerseys. They are impeccable with design and are exceptionally detailed in everything. My final product was sharp, artistic, distinct, colorful and eye catching... Everything I wanted and beyond. The owners Jeff and Sandra are willing to go the extra mile to get you the design you want for optimum value. This is the ONLY place to take care of your embroidery needs.
  • I have worked with EmbroidMe Encinitas on several promotional products and their service is excellent.
  • I LOVE EmbroidMe!
  • I used EmbroidMe to create custom logo shirts for my business. Sandra took a great deal of time to show me the different options I had for shirts and designs. She even gave me a few ideas she's seen other business owners do. She ordered the shirts so I could try them on and said if they didn't work, I could send them back. All her suggestions were fantastic and the shirts looked and fit great. She did a sample of what my embroidered logo would look like on two types of fabric and made some suggestions on how to make it look better. When the final product was ready, I was extremely satisfied in the final result. She went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service and delivered a beautiful product. I will absolutely use their services again in the very near future.
  • I was looking at several embroidery businesses to customize a few Nike jackets I picked up as groomsmen presents for my upcoming wedding. After contacting and visiting a few other places I chose to go with EmbroidMe Encinitas. When I called over the phone they were very friendly and listened to my needs. When I came over in person Jeff welcomed me and walked me through the process and design ideas that I didn't even consider. FYI other places didn't provide these types of options, they basically said what do you want and here's how much it will cost. As a consumer, customer service goes a long way. EmbroidMe Encinitas was able to provide the best options, best price, and a fast turnaround. Last week I picked up my groomsmen jackets and they turned out fantastic. I will definitely recommend this business to my friends, family, and work. Thank you EmbroidMe Encinitas.
  • I worked with Sandra for 3 years on branding and embroidery to help our company presence grow through events and customer marketing efforts. She was such a delight to work with, always offering great ideas and support through the design process. I don’t think we ever hit a delay nor exceeded budget through her creativity and excellent management.
  • I've worked with Sandra for all of our embroidery needs for our company for the last several years. We use vendors for all sorts of things in our business, and I don't know that I've ever encountered someone so genuinely friendly that cares so much about making her clients happy. I mean that sincerely. We've recently had a new embroidery shop open just around the corner from our office, but I would never even consider switching because Sandra and the rest of the team in Encinitas have proven themselves time and again. They are truly awesome people. Every order is exactly right, they go the extra mile whenever needed, and the quality is great as well.
  • If if could give them 6 stars, I would! I had a job that I needed completed on VERY SHORT NOTICE (like same day). Not only did they complete the job that same day, they were so kind as to deliver it to my door after working late hours to complete the job. In this day and age when we are all trying to support local small businesses, it makes me very happy to be able to do business with EmbroidMe Encinitas and Jeff and Sandra!!!
  • If you are a business owner or key decision maker looking to expand your presence in the market place, I highly recommend Sandra Sapol. Sandra is the Owner/Operator of Embroidme Encinitas (now known as Fully Branded) and a perfect Marketing Partner for all your Promotional Items and Embroidery needs to name a few. Sandra does a great job of listening to her customers' needs and providing a great fit to provide you all your Promotional Marketing needs to ensure you have a great presence while growing your business.
  • Jeff and Sandra are great to work with. They take the time to understand your needs so that your project comes the way you envisioned it. Their pricing is always competitive.
  • Jeff and Sandra are great! They have done everything for me from t-shirts to embroidered gear bags. Convenient, awesome to work with, and great service. No need to go anywhere else.
  • Jeff and Sandra as a family owned business are the BEST to work with. They take their time to understand your needs special touches. They deliver a quality product done right and on time. They care not only about their customers - but the community as well. Great couple...
  • Love this place! I had a last minute order and they were able to it with no hassle. Kind, efficient, and work well done. Highly recommend!
  • Sandra and her team knocked it out of the park! We are small business owners looking to stand out from a crowd. Sandra was extremely helpful and had everything we needed to give our company and employees the professional look we had in mind. She is now our "go to" person for marketing, branding and promotional products. She also had some amazing suggestions and examples of other products that helped complete our professional appearance. I can not give Sandra and her team enough credit for everything she has done for our company!!
  • Sandra and Jeff run an amazing ship at Embroidme! I have called on them time and time again to help support my team and my local little league for all kinds of clothes, swag gear and team uniforms. They get the job done right the first time and always with top notch service and a smile. Any time you want to advertise your company or your brand, you need to get your name it, and have Embroidme Encinitas be your partner!
  • Sandra has a wonderful awareness of customer expectations along with the business acumen necessary to succeed. Her Fully Promoted business, delivering custom products to each client, demands a high level of patience, product knowledge, and creativity. Sandra has proven over many years to be an exceptional franchisee. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sandra to clients and business professionals.