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Technology & Mobile

Technology & Mobile

In today’s technologically driven business environments, stay on the cutting edge of promotional gifts and business promotions, with a variety of computing storage and charging devices.

Business associates will appreciate logo-imprinted USB power banks that solve mobile device battery life issues, with the added value of showing your customers and associates that you are on top of technology trends.

Double your promotional output with messages and presentations pre-loaded onto logo-branded USB flash drives. Keep projects organized and your brand identity current and relevant, with informational flash drives that can help staff or customers with project files and storage for years to come. On the cutting edge of fun, branded selfie-sticks get “likes” as great promotional gift ideas.

Tackle mobile media, Smart phone and Android trends with your logo printed on versatile USB mobile battery chargers or phone and ear bud cases. Pump up the volume with logo emblazoned Bluetooth speakers and other audio accessories for tablets and other mobile devices. Contact EmbroidMe® for customized technology and mobile device design and gift idea consultations and ordering.

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