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  • Smart Plugs and Other Home Accessories Keep Employees Connected

    Logoed Smart Plugs to Power Your Brand

    Are you looking for a new way to promote your business while staying on the cutting edge of technology? Logoed smart plugs are an effective way to keep your brand top of mind while providing a useful solution to your customers and staff. These nifty little gadgets are capable of charging multiple devices and even controlling various electronics in your home. Fully Promoted / EmbroidMe has a selection of custom smart plugs that your company and clients will use time and time again. Continue reading

  • Custom Stickers for Branding and Personalizing Your Message

    Customize Your Products and Outbound Packaging

    Customizing your products and outbound packaging to represent your brand creates brand awareness. Adding custom stickers with your brand logo gets your brand noticed in an inexpensive way. Outbound packaging can display your logo with your website address to allow people who are interested in your brand to know how to learn more about your product or services.  You can also advertise with custom stickers on promotional items that fit your brand. Continue reading

  • Embroidered Beanies – Favored Winter Promotional Products

    Embroidered Headwear for Everyone

    Everyone has a favorite hat that they grab as they head out the door. Whether it is an embroidered beanie in the dead of winter, a logoed baseball cap during summer or even a cowboy hat, everyone has that special headwear they don’t leave the house without. Now that winter is in full swing, beanies and knitwear will be a fan favorite for the next few weeks, no matter where you are. Continue reading

  • Cheers to Custom Glassware

    A Tall Glass of…

    Use your business to quench everyone’s thirst with fully customizable drinkware. Whether you’re looking to gift, share, sell or take home, custom glassware can be an excellent solution to expand your brand’s audience. As a staple of most homes, you can rest assured that your logo will find its way around just fine because there’s always someone who could use an extra glass. Continue reading

  • Be the Star at the Next Trade Show with Unique Promotional Giveaways

    Be the “Must-See” Booth

    Don’t settle for another boring trade show booth with the typical pens or coffee mugs. Have your company stand out with colorful, handy and re-usable trade show giveaways from Fully Promoted / EmbroidMe. Thrill your visitors with practical products such as lip balm, hand sanitizer or a spiral jotter set all branded with your company logo. Continue reading

  • After Christmas Sales It’s Time to Kick Off First Quarter Marketing

    After Christmas Sales-Time to Kick Off First Quarter Marketing

    The holidays represent a large portion of retail sales. It is estimated that 174.6 million consumers spend an average of $335 over Thanksgiving weekend according to the National Retail Federation. It is an important time of year for retailers. However, what should retailers plan during the first quarter of the new year when things slow down after Christmas sales? Every retailer should have a first-quarter marketing plan in place to help improve sales and Fully Promoted / EmbroidMe can help you with your marketing needs. Continue reading

  • Love to Wear Your Company's Branded Corporate Apparel

    Company Pride for Every Style and Size

    Stand out from the competition with branded corporate apparel made for you and your organization. With options ranging from polo shirts and vests to jackets and accessories, your brand can be positioned on every piece of outerwear you can think of! With an entire wardrobe to choose from, clothing can be made with each and every individual on your team in mind. Continue reading

  • Tips for A Successful Store in 2019

    Looking Back at Store Expectations

    As 2019 creeps closer, many store owners are evaluating how the past year’s performance. Did their store meet expectations in sales, customer service and new business? Heading into the new year, there are a few tips and tricks from successful stores around the country about how they stay successful year after year. Continue reading

  • Marketing Emails to the Inbox | Strategies for Success

    Know Your Audience

    It is very important to understand your audience when creating an email list. Segmenting lists by demographics can help target the right audience. Email marketing should include promotional or informational messaging with content that resonates with your customer’s needs to improve engagement. However, not all emails are promotional, there are also transactional emails that can be sent out based on customer activity such as a tracking orders, thank you emails after a purchase or confirming any activity completed on your website. These are trusted emails and can earn higher open rates. Continue reading

  • Employee Jackets, Vests and Outerwear Embroidered with Your Company Logo

    Keep Your Employees Warm this Winter

    Many companies have employees that work outside, are in and out of the elements or work in a constantly cold environment. Help equip these employees with jackets, gloves or beanies embroidered with your company logo. Whether your employee is stationed outside all day, travels to and from varying work sites or is stocking the frozen foods section at a grocery store, logoed jackets, gloves or beanies will show off your company. Fully Promoted / EmbroidMe can personalize many types of outdoor apparel to make your employees stand out and to promote your business. Continue reading

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