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Calendars, Card & Business Forms

Calendars, Card & Business Forms

Customized Calendars Promote Your Brand

Promote your company or brand with a promotional product that everyone uses on a daily basis – customized calendars. Gain brand exposure all year long while clients flip through your company calendar, month after month, planning events and appointments. Place your company name and logo on the front of the calendar alongside the inside pages. Go for the extra touch and add in special occasions and icons to the customized calendar so clients don’t forget your 25th anniversary, holiday party or the national holidays. Customized calendars stand out as magnets for kitchen and office refrigerators, filing cabinets and other metal surfaces with tear-off month pages. Try desktop customized calendars with weekly and month-at-a glance versions. Always on the go? Calendars come in any size, even small enough to fit in a bag. Have a specific color scheme in mind? Fully Promoted/Embroidme can help design any calendar to fit the needs of your company and your clients.

Branded Cardstock and Business Forms

Don’t stop at calendars. Go the extra mile with branded-thank you cards and stationery to make your company stand out from the competition. Branded thank-you cards come in all styles and sizes, from business cards to greeting cards, communicating your sentiments to customers. Send your appreciation to clients after a big purchase or mail out a company-wide holiday card. Logo-printed invitations highlight your appeal to a growing audience, while custom-designed business forms bolster your brand’s professional image. Bring in a wider clientele with a strong brand image and be seen all year-round.