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Eco Awareness Programs

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Eco Awareness Event Marketing

We are happy to help our clients with their eco awareness event marketing. “Going Green” is more than just a passing fad… it’s a way for your company to declare its commitment to helping protect the environment and conserve valuable resources. Being environmentally responsible and offering sustainable products calls attention to the importance of protecting the planet, and can offer greater prominence for your brand at the same time.

Eco Friendly Promotional Products

EmbroidMe recognizes what a difference green products can make and offers a comprehensive eco-friendly promotional products program with over 8,000 green promotional and apparel products. If you’re looking to create an environmentally friendly atmosphere in your company, we can provide you with embroidered apparel, client gifts, incentive awards and employee prizes that are green, including: apparel made from Engeo corn or bamboo, rulers made from recycled plastic, organic tote bags made from recycled bottles, pens made from corn derivatives and pencils made with recycled paper. One way you can honor your eco-friendly policies, and put the attention on saving our planet, is to celebrate eco-awareness events like Earth Day –April 22. Our event marketing team can help you promote your event before, during and after. We have a wide variety of eco-friendly promotional products your celebration will need to help draw attention to your cause and attract attendees to your event.

Pre-event mailing

The first step to a successful celebration is letting participants know about it! Consider a mass mailing to community leaders in advance of Earth Day or your waterway cleanup event to let them know the time, date, and location of your event. Of course, the mailing must include an item that’s biodegradable, organic, or sustainable. Consider something like an eco-friendly memo pad or biodegradable highlighter to share your eco-friendly message and know that it will get used over and over again by the recipient. For the final touch, get members of the media in on your message with a press kit that’s made of 100% recyclable materials so the public will learn about your event and your commitment to the environment.

Event Messaging

During your eco-event, be sure to hand out all sorts of ‘green’ items to carry your message from the celebration or clean-up effort back to the participant’s home. Start with a tote bag made out of recycled material or from organic material that can be used to carry home the promotional products you’ll hand out, then later serve as a reminder of your business when they are reused in the future. We can help you select from items such as notebooks, digital photo frames, or USB drives made out of organic materials. These items will serve as a reminder of your business and its commitment to the planet long after the event ends.

Special Touches

End your event with some higher end special touches, like awards honoring special participants and volunteers or hold a raffle to raise money for a nonprofit environmental organization. Make sure the raffle prizes are environmentally friendly and you will create goodwill in the community, while highlighting your corporate social responsibility.

Ongoing Green Programs

As the year goes on, continue to keep your green messages alive with corporate gifts that are energy-saving and with biodegradable promotional items for giveaways made of corn plastic and recycled materials. We’ll work with you to make the most out of every PR opportunity with just the right eco-friendly promotional products for your every need.

Call our event marketing and social awareness team help you with your eco awareness campaign. Call us today at 443-640-6414 to get started.