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Charity Awareness Programs

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Charity Event Marketing

Our charity event marketing services and products help you get the word out. Do you have a special program or cause that you need to increase awareness for? Promotional awareness products are the perfect solution. Our solutions are economical, yet convey a powerful message for change.

Charity Promotional Items

Whether your event calls for pink-inspired breast cancer awareness items or other charity promotional items, we have just the right items to convey your message before, during, and long after the event is over.

Pre-Event Marketing

Event marketing begins long before the actual event. Before a special event such as a charity walk or run, you’ll want to get participants excited about taking part. You can get greater participation with fun announcements that include giveaways such as balloons and lip balm, imprinted with the well-known symbols associated with the effort. If you’d like participants to spread the word on their upcoming participation, you can hand out magnets and bumper stickers. You’ll quickly find these promotional items do more than just spread the word about your particular event; they also serve as powerful reminders in the fight for your cause.

During the Event

When you give out social awareness products you are ensuring that your message will be spread. For example, if you are promoting a breast cancer awareness walk, participants can don pink apparel such as custom t-shirts and ribbon-imprinted accessories… like bracelets, scarves, and caps. The best part is that they won’t just wear these items during the walk itself, but they can wear them with pride long after the event is over, ensuring the message continues to spread. And if you put the event sponsors on the back of the t-shirts, for instance, you are spreading awareness of your brand as being socially responsible.

A goody bag packed with useful promotional items will be a perfect way to spread your message during the event as well. Consider packing the bag with products that can be used throughout the event… think of what participants might need, like bottled water, pedometers, or even umbrellas in case the weather doesn’t quite cooperate. And if all of these event marketing products are imprinted with your company name as well as the charity or other cause, it’s a win-win situation.

After the Event

Your event might be over, but the chance to spread your message is not. Consider awards for the winners that can be proudly displayed. Whether you choose ribbons, plaques, or trophies the award will be proudly showcased in homes and offices to provide a reminder of the event and the cause. Think about fun prizes as well like beach balls, blankets, fans, or binoculars. Your participants would enjoy reusable tote bags or drawstring bags to carry their items home and use again and again.


Let us add your logo to any of our thousands of promotional products to increase awareness

Our event marketing team will help you choose the perfect product for any charity or awareness event and we know which items will accommodate large imprint areas to display your information and cause artwork. Encourage change by imprinting motivational slogans, help hotlines and website addresses. Let us make sure your next charitable event successfully spreads your message before, during, and after the actual event is over.

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