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EmbroidMe offers a number of services to fit your requirements. Aside from custom embroidery and garment printing, we offer awards, promotional  products and Personalized Gift services. Also, if you have the need we can also create a company store for your organization.

Awards, Custom Personalized Gifts, Plaques, Customized Gifts

Awards Program

Everyone deserves a pat on the back, and sometimes a little encouragement can go a long way. At EmbroidMe, we can you show you ways to commend, encourage and reward people with items that will cultivate employee loyalty and client retention.

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custom embroidery, embroidered hat, embroidery printing, embroidery services

Embroidery Services

EmbroidMe offers a wide-selection of high-quality custom apparel solutions to ensure you can find exactly what you need for any marketing strategy, event, or organization. If you are looking for a classy, upscale look, embroidery is just what you want to enhance your image and brand.

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Garment Printing, custom screen printing, custom apparel, apparel logos

Garment Printing Services

Garment printing is the most in-demand decorating option that companies look for when they are instituting an apparel program. That’s because direct-to-garment and screen printing are very cost-effective alternatives, with many options for making each project unique and special.

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Online Company Stores, embroidery services, customized apparel

Online Company Stores

Want to give your employees, school students, or organization members an easy way to buy products while you maintain the integrity and look of your brand? Consider setting up one of our online company stores to make your life much easier.

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Promotional Products, promotional items, and apparel logos.

Promotional Products

Your logo can go on almost anything! At EmbroidMe, you are sure to find just the right item to make a lasting impression since we have more than 800,000 promotional products for you to choose from.

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